Pollock, Lippitt, Seaton, Keeney

The surnames I am researching are:

POLLOCK, William Henry and Phebe
LIPPITT, Dr. John Wesley
EATON, Arlo and Sophronia
KEENEY, Julius and Hester

Dr. John Lippitt was to have been one of the first doctors in Winnebago County. He came before 1841 as did Julius Keeney. All of the above names are my grandparents. I am also trying to locate a book on Shirland-Kepotah written by Diane Miller. I found out about it at our local FHC library on the new microfiche. It was written in about 1994. I wonder if it is still available for purchase.Richoov@aol.com

Kim Hoover, Franklin, TN

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