Charles H. Garnsey

My G G grandfather Charles H Garnsey was born in Roscoe September 14  1850. His parents were Andrew J. Garnsey and Parmelia Pepin Garnsey.  They were married Sept 1, 1846 in Roscoe. Their first daughter, Hannah  Jerusha died at the age of two weeks and is probably buried in Roscoe or  nearby. Ellen Elizabeth, Charles sister, was born in 1851. I have been  unable to locate parents for Andrew J. Garnsey. He was born in NY state  and moved west from Illinois shortly after his children were born. I  believe he also had relatives who were moving west alongside him.

Not only am I looking for all official records, but also any letters  from the pre Civil War period to and from Pepins, Garnseys and  Courtneys. (Ellen Elizabeth--Nell--married a Courtney in Iowa when she  grew up.)

Parmelia Pepin Garnsey had several brothers who served in the Civil War,  and Andrew died there. Surely people wrote letters back to Roscoe about it.

Thank you.

Susan Schnur

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