Millie Alexander ishkani@ibm.net Mon, 01 Mar 1999 11:04:25

PRENTIS⁄PRENTICE - Orville and Carrie SMITH PRENTICE and family lived in Rockford and New Milford (Kiswaukee) area, Winnebago Co., Illinois, from about 1860's. Buried there and had a large family. I have a photo of the family and any information will be helpful. Millie Alexander--ishkani@ibm.net

Debbie Deal deal@y-city.net Thu, 25 Feb 1999 14:01:03

Seeking information on John R. PORTER born Ohio and died after 1877. Wife's maiden name HOSMER. Married in Muskingum Co Ohio in 1861, but he resided in 1858 in Rockford. Thanks, Debbie Lichtner Deal; Chandlersville,Ohio 43727 deal@y-city.net

Jean Bushnell jeanb@wf.quik.com Sun, 3 Jan 1999 05:24:22

Thomas R. Price born c 1823 Pa, stated in 1862, when enlisting for Civil War, that his place of residence was Rockford, IL. He enlisted at Calhoun co. IL, served 3 years as a nurse aide. He was of German ancestor and according to tradition was a minister. Have a reprint of picture of him standing behind an pupit. I am enclined to think of the Mennoitte, or possible the Lutheran Church . Only possible other known Price name is Alias Price, found in family papers, but none known. Military papers show only he was born in Pa. Married Sabra Eunice Steed, 1 Mar 1866, in Calhoun co. IL 1870, and died March 1879 in Greene co. IL, leaving wife and three children.

Old Query Jean Bushnell jeanb@wf.quik.com Sat, 4 Apr 1998 19:01:31

Trying to locate information concerning Thomas R. Price born c 1823 in Pa. At time of enlistment in Calhoun co. Il. for Civil War, stated that his residence was Rockford, Il. Need locate any information. Family tradition say he was a minister of German ancestor. He served 3 years in the Hospital ward, while in service. Possible, a Brethren. Will exchange. Jean Bushnell

Prather see (F)
PHeisel@aol.com Thu, 19 Nov 1998 17:52:41

Would like information on Parker families of Roscoe, Harlem and Loves Park.Perhaps there are also some Fowlers. Descendants of Linus PARKER and perhaps Philip FOWLER. My grandmother LULA AFFA FOWLER m.JAMES PARKER. They lived in Roscoe. Linus had a farm in or outside Harlem which is presently a state park.Interested in graves in Methodist Cemetary (old one) Probably only PARKERS. P Heisel

Rob Linneweber robren@enetis.net Fri, 29 May 1998 17:50:18
Looking for
information on my family, last name PELLEY My g.grandfather was John Taylor PELLEY, born 04⁄12⁄1847 May have been a member of the Baptist church. Married, Hannah WHEAT 09⁄17⁄1967 native of Pennsylvania.Would like information on John Taylor's parents: They came from Canada and settled in Rockford, Ill where John Taylor was born and raised to manhood. Thank you, Brenda Pelley Linneweber robren@enetis.net
Chris Shriver Stallwood SWlady@aol.com Wed, 8 Apr 1998 07:45:01

I am looking for information on Charlotte Matilda PETERSON (b. 15 Nov 1849, Westergotland, Sweden, d. 10 Mar 1921, Rockford, Winnebago Co, IL, buried 12 Mar 1921, Cedar Bluff Cem., Rockford, IL) married to Andrew Gustaf Green (b. 13 Jun 1851, Westergotland, Sweden, d. 6 Nov 1924, Rockford, Winnebago Co., IL, buried 8 Nov 1924, Cedar Bluff Cem., Rockford, IL). Andrew's last name was changed from PEARSON to GREEN when he, his wife, and son, Charles John GREEN (b. 16 Sep 1879, Westergotland, Sweden, d. 26 Mar 1966, Rockford, Winnebago Co., IL, buried 29 Mar 1966, Cedar Bluff Cem., Rockford, IL) came to the United States in 1883. Andrew became a naturalized citizen in 1890. Charlotte's father was Peter PETERSON and she had a sister that also came to the US with them, Johanna PETERSON that married _________ JOHNSON. Charlotte was a member of the Salem Lutheran Church in Rockford, IL. Andrew Gustaf GREEN worked as a furniture packer at Haddorf Piano Factory and later at Greenlee Bros. Tool & Dye, where his son, Charles John Green, was later a Supervisor. Charles John GREEN married Elizabeth A. KINCAID (daughter of Lorenzo Dowe KINCAID and Elizabeth TAYLOR. Thanks, Chris Shriver Stallwood (email: swlady@aol.com) http:⁄⁄wwwebit.com⁄stallwood

Karen Gullish, Thu, 11 Sep 1997 13:30:18

I am looking for a record of William Edwin PALMER's birth. He was born at home in Harrison, IL and was delivered by Dr. Lovsee (his mother's sister's husband). We have the date as Dec. 03, 1882. His parents were Avery William PALMER and Sarah Gertrude THOMPSON. My Mom said that she has looked for acutal document but hasn't had any luck. Is there a way to find out?

John Shuck, 8 Sep 1997 13:23:48

I have information on the family of Russell PENNOCK and Fannie HOLMES. They lived in Rockford in the mid 1800's. I will be glad to share what information that I have. I am also looking for any information that someone may have on their descendants.

Enoch PHILLIPS, (b ?? in PA - d. 1860) married Sarah Ann SOLMON, (b. abt 1823 in England - d. 1894 in Buffalo, WI) in 1858 or 1859, marriage place unknown. Their son Byron PHILLIPS was born Dec. 20, 1859, near Wilmot, WI. His father died while he was still an infant, between Jan and July 1860. Sarah PHILLIPS then moved to Beloit and married John LAFFERTY, probably about 1862. Sarah may have been married at least twice before her marriage to Enoch PHILLIPS. Her children Robert, Bessie and Owen EAVES were all born in England. Her son, Henry THOMPSON, was born abt 1864 in WI. He was known to be living in Rockford, IL in 1945, and may have had a daughter named Flora. Any info on this family would be appreciated. I have much to share. Kay Phillips mkphill@dmci.net from Fremont, IN
Larry Parker Mon May 12, 1997-- 9:30 p.m.

I am searching for information on by father, ORIE L. PARKER who lived in Rockford, Illinois from 1921 until 1930. I do know that he was discharged from the Army in Rockford in 1922. I find that he married a Margaret LIGHTFOOT CARR in Freeport, Illinois on 3 March1921. Margaret Carr had been married as Mrs. Lightfoot and had two children listed as Lightfoot.Orie L. Parker was employeed by the Barber-Coleman Company in Loves Park, Illinois as a machinist.Orie L. Parker and Margaret Parker or listed in the City Directory of Rockford as residing first at 713 Green Street in 1923, then 709 Green Streeet in 1925, 1926 at Washington Park, then 1927-28 at 523 Newport Avenue and 1928-29-30 at 604 Sydney Avenue in Loves Park.The 1930 term of Circuit Court has record of an Petition for Divorce and Cross-Bill with final divorce about Jan. 1931.Orie Parker moved to E. St. Louis, Ill and re-married and fathered 4 children and the rest is history of record. I am looking for more on this 10 years in Rockford and what happened to Margaret Lightfoot and the two boys. When Orie L. Parker married the first time the bride listed her name as Margaret Louis McNeal, born in Evansville, Indiana. This Margaret Louise McNeal on the marriage license issued in Stephenson County, Illinois listed her as "miss Louise McNeal age 25 and that this was her first marriage. In the Divorce she states she was formerly Mrs. Carr and before that Mrs. Lightfoot and that the two boys are both Lightfoot and in 1930 the ages are 22 and 19 which would have made them 12 and 10 at the time of marriage to Parker. Orie Parker's wife may be listed as:
Margaret Louis McN
eal; or
Louis McNeal; or
Margaret Lightfoot; or
Margaret Carr

Any help is appreciated. Larry Parker -- e-mail to: Trout 103@aol.com

PURTLE see [D]
Laura Eileen Fieker Mon, 07 Jul 1997 18:00:57

My Great Grandfather was Benjamin Franklin Prentice⁄Prentis and he was born on 26 Feb 1864 in Rockford, ILCounty and am searching for his parents and further back if possible. They decended from Valentine Prentice one of the early New England settlers and from there I believe to Winnebago. Any info you can provide me with would be appreciated.Benjamin died in Nebraska. His wife was from Winnebago also and need info on her side as well Laura Ann Wilson, they might have been married there as well. My grandfather John Chester Prentice was born to them in 1899 and he wasn't the oldest but close.Benjamin had five brothers and seven sisters, do not know the sisters names but the following is brothers names: Joseph, William, Orville,Ward and John.Hoping to hear from you and many thanks, Laura Fieker

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