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Loves Park, Machesney Park, Roscoe


Cherry Valley

Winnebago, Seward, Burritt



South Beloit, IL



New Milford (Morristown)


I would like to recognize Jeremy Franklin for his work in collecting this information.

Guilford Township

Note: The Winter 1996 #1 issue of Nuggets of History, the periodical of the Rockford Historical Society contains an article on early Guildord Township 1836-1929, some information on early residents.

South Beloit, IL

Note: The March 1998 issue of Twigs and Branches, the periodical of the North Central Illinois Genealogy Society, contains an article on Beloit Township and early Beloit settlers. Vol.XX No.2


Note: The December 1997 issue of Twigs and Branches, the periodical of the North Central Illinois Genealogy Society, includes class listings for Durand High School from 1870 - 1916 & 1940.-- Vol XX No. 1


Abstracts from the Pecatonica News

December 28, 1872 - October 29, 1909
Completed in June, 1982
Compiled by Virginia Allen WILLIAMS, Marengo, IL

These abstracts do not include every item on every person names and not all items are verbatim. Many were shortened to record as much information as possible on 3x5 cards. These cards have been microfilmed and placed in the Rockford Public Library.

The library in Pecatonica, IL has 35 rolls of film from the Pecatonica News from 1872 through 1977. They have a film reader and items may be seen in their entirety at that library. Items are easily located since dates, page and column numbers are given.

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Talcott Free Library, 101 E. Main Street, Rockton, IL - (815) 624-7511

Local History Section

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Winnebago, Seward, Burritt


1. The Sept. 1997 issue (Vol. 35) of  Nuggets of History, the periodical of the Rockford Historical Society, contains information on "Burritt Township, A Celebration of History". This article includes information on early Burritt Township residents.
2. The March 1998 issue of
Twigs and Branches, the periodical of the North Central Illinois Genealogy Society, contains an article on Burritt Township. - Vol. XX No. 2

Winnebago Public Library, 210 N. Elida St., Winnebago, IL - (815) 335-7050

Hours: Mon. 2-8, Tues Wed Thurs. 10-8, Fri 10-6, Sat 10-6

Librarian - John D. Rowley

Seward Historical Society


For more information, contact Joy Aurand (Mrs. Robert Aurand) at (815) 247-8626 or the Winnebago Public Library above.

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Loves Park, Machesney Park, Roscoe

North Suburban Library, 6340 N. Second St., Loves Park, IL - (815) 633-4247)

Librarian - Katherine Walker and Denise

Local History Section - Information concentrating on Loves Park, Machesney Park and Roscoe


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New Millford

The majority of the area which is now incorporated as the Village of New Millford was formerly known as New Milford (one "l") and Morristown.

A History of New Milford and the New Milford Cemetery Listing are available at the Rockford Public Library. A history of the cemetery is in issue 7:141 of the Illinois State Genealogical Society newsletter.

Two churches are currently located in New Millford.

  1. New Milford United Methodist Church, 7102 Cindy Drive, Rockford, IL 61109; (815) 874-2889
  2. Cornerstone Fellowship (Baptist), 2420 New Milford Church Road, Rockford, IL 61109; (815) 874-4393

Long-time, well-known surnames of the area include BAXTER and EVANS.

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