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Dave P. dmpurd@hotmail.com Tue, 09 Feb 1999 10:09:57

I have a copy of a letter that might be of interest to someone in Winnebago County. In return, I would like to know more about the man who wrote it. Specifically it is a letter written in 1862 shortly after the Civil War Battle of Shiloh, by one of the soldiers who was a survivor. He is writing home to his family (wife? mother? don't know which.) He talks about losing his blankets to the rebel troops, and being wet from the bullet holes in the tents. It is a very interesting 2 page letter. It is addressed to Cherry Valley, Winnebago County, Illinois. The signature is Sgt. Joseph S. Buck. What are the chances of finding out anything about Joseph? Does he have any decendants still living in the area? Did he survive the war? I found him listed in Company F of the 45th Infantry, however his residence there is listed as Flora. Where is Flora? I can't find that on the maps I've looked at. I'm not sure where to begin researching this. Is there any information you can share with me to help me out? I'd be glad to send a copy of the letter if you are interested. Thanks. Dave P.--dmpurd@hotmail.com

Charnee Smit CharneeS@aol.com Sat, 6 Feb 1999 19:39:55

I am trying to find out where in IL my grandfather, John William Boone, was born, and I have a clue that it might have been in Rockton or nearby. He was born in April 16, 1865. His parents were William Henry and Polly Ann (Howk) Boon. Any suggestions for finding John's birth record would be greatly appreciated. They may have been Baptist or Methodist. William and Polly Ann were in IL temporarily during the period when John was born. Their next oldest and next youngest children were born in Davis Co., Iowa where the family had a homestead. It is my theory that they went to IL during the latter part of the Civil War to get away from raiders who were burning out settlers in Davis Co. I also think they would have gone to stay with Boon(e) relatives. There was a Cyrenus Boone family in Rockton at least by 1872 when their first child, Frank Henry, was born there. This Cyrenus may have been related to my g grandfather, William Henry Boon. I have been researching this for over two years thru the internet and the Boone Mailing List, among other places, and have not yet found any documents to confirm where John William was born. I also am trying to establish the ancestry of his father, William Henry, who was from NY and who said his father was born in MA. Any info relating to these families would be most appreciated!! Charnee Smit

James R Schultz jschultz@essex1.com Fri, 26 Feb 1999 20:10:12

Morse and⁄or Bachelder Families--I have an old letter (1937) in which my g-g-aunt tells about her father, George Washington Bachelder, immigrating from Maine to Rockton, Illinois, in the 1830's where he built a blacksmith shop. Apparently his uncle, William Morse, had moved there even earlier in the 1830's and had planted an apple orchard with seeds he had brought with him from Maine. Is there any way of checking this information out to see if any of it is true? Jim Schultz <jschultz@essex1.com>.

Sharon Mke7391@aol.com Sat, 13 Feb 1999 19:54:45

Looking for information on Anthony Bigelow, wife Anna. Two children born in Rockford, IL. Edward born 1907 and Julia born 1905. Can anyone check the census records ? Also the death of Anthony (Antoin) Bigelow passed away May 28 or 29 1928, living with daughter, Mrs. Mary (Fred) Rodemeyer at the time in Rockford. Thanks for your help. Sharon

Patricia Sabin psabin@bellsouth.net Tue, 22 Sep 1998 22:11:38

According to Illinois archives, a Lyman F. BABCOCK fought in the Civil War, and is listed as residing in Rockford. I am searching for the descendents of a Lyman BABCOCK who married Emerancy ELLIS, January 13, 1851. Their children were: Charles F. BABCOCK, m. Sarah Daley; Fred Lyman BABCOCK, m. Addie Mitchell; Ida May BABCOCK, m. William Day Gates. My great grandfather, Guy Ellis Sabin, lived in DuPage County and kept a diary during the 1870's in which this family was mentioned frequently (as close friends as well as first cousins). He always referred to their home as "The Babcock Farm", which is not much help. Does anyone have a connection to this family? Pat Sabin

Dan Reynolds reynolds@3-cities.com Sat, 16 May 1998 08:20:45
I would like
further information about a Martin Borst ( born in NY 1816) married to Sarah Ann Campbell (born in Vermont 1823 ) who had a son Virgil born 1848 in Rockford, Winnebago County.
MNations@aol.com Thu, 14 May 1998 18:44:27
BARKER. Need info on Hiram Barker age 28 b. NY, his wife Isa
bella age 28 b. England, and daughter Luretta age 6 b. IL, listed on 1860 Census of Winnebago County, IL. Please email me at Mnations@aol.com.
Snyder, John snyder@advant.com Sun, 26 Apr 1998 10:38:59
I am looking for a
ny information about Amanda BENGSTON who was living in Cherry Valley in the 1930's. My great great grandfather Austin W. RAPELJE willed her a Vitanola and all of his records at the time of his death. I am interested as to the relationship of this person to my great great grandfather. If you have any information please email me, Pat Snyder at snyder@net66.com Thank you! Pat Snyder
Billie Leclerc bleclerc@sirinet.net Wed, 1 Apr 1998 22:12:51
BETZ--My great
grandfather's brother born and baptized in Jennerstown, Somerset County, PA 1841-1844, is rumored to have died in New Millford, Winnebago County, Illinois! His name was Emmanuel B. BETZ or maybe BETTS but I have no other information about him or about his life and⁄or family. Perhaps he has produced offspring who see his name here and know that there is an extended family of 'shirt-tail' relatives who are anxious to learn about him and them! Billie
Judy jgood@sbtmiami.net Fri, 13 Feb 1998 12:30:45

BROWN - WATSON--Searching for family info on Benjamin Franklin BROWN who married Louisa S. WATSON (no known dates on any) One child known, Clara M. "Carrie" BROWN b. Aug. 13, 1866 Winnebago Co., IL; d. June 15, 1950 IA; married Abraham GOOD Dec 25, 1885 IA. Is anyone researching this family who can help. Will share what little info I have. Judy jgood@sbtmiami.net

William B. Fagerstrom fagerstr@me.udel.edu Fri, 20 Mar 1998 14:37:17

Looking for information on BLOMBERG family who came to Rockford from Fagerhult, Sweden in 1870-1890. Know of Alfred b 1849, August b 1851 and Louisa b. 1857. They were Uncles and Aunt of my grand father Herman Fagerstrom b. 1867. William B. Fagerstrom fagerstr@me.udel.edu

Dallas Carley Dgc4gen@aol.com Sun, 8 Mar 1998 17:06:39

Searching for information re: Asher BEACH b. abt 1800, NY. Unknown when he went to IL, but he and his family appear in the 1850 Census in Winnebago Co., IL. (Children are all listed as being born in NY). His wife was Mercy YAW of VT. Their children: David, M. L., W. Henry, Luzetta and Rebecca. Hope someone out there has an Asher or a Mercy in their background and we can share information

Sara Newman, Mon, 5 Jan 1998 00:40:02 EST

I am looking for any information on my great grandfather Richard BAKER. The only info I have is that he was born about 1855-1860 Rockford Illinois. He married Margaret Kerhn and had six children, Ross, Richard, James Arley, Earl, and two daughters names unknown. I know this is not much to go on, but maybe someone can help me! Sara Newman--SybilOne@aol.com

Kathy Brown Sat, 10 Jan 1998 12:56:40

Looking for information on Daniel Jarvis BROWN. Born in Ogle County then moved to Stephenson County. His parents ran the Brown Hotel in Freeport. As an adult Daniel lived in Rockford and I assume that is where he died. I am trying to complete a family history. If your have any places to direct this research I would be most thankful. Kathy Brown

I am interested in the William and Matilda BROWN family. 1870 census records 5 sons, all born in Illinois: Charles, John Frederick, Alfred, Joseph. 1880 census-Index lists one more son, William. William, the father was born in England Matilda, the wife was born in Sweden. They were living in Pecatonica, County of Winnebago. E-mail Patricia at GTE⁄lea@gte.net
Note: Patricia must have moved, an e-mail response to her was undeliverable.

I am searching any information on the family or descendants of Eunice BENSON WEISS. I believe Eunice was born in Rockford around 1883; she married Adolph Weiss in Chicago in 1913; had one daughter, Virginia, born around 1922 or 1923 in Chicago. Believe she had at least one brother who remained in Rockford. Would appreciate any info on BENSONs in Rockford to get me started. Kathleen Craine, Chicago, IL, K-Craine@neiu.edu
I am researching some of Guilford township's founders Daniel BEERS⁄Mary HERRICK who drove their ox teams from Chicago to Winnebago in 1836 via New York and settled Guilford township⁄Rockford. These two were of the five original settlers who organized the First Methodist Church, now the Centennial Church (as of 1914; I don't know the name of the church now). They arrived with Deloss Gregory and family. Also researching Russell MARSH & family who settled in Guilford township 1838 and was married to Mary A. HAYES of Canada. Thier daughter married one of the Beers sons and eventually moved to Nebraska. They were my great & great-great grandparents. I have some newspaper articles dated from the early 1900's and would like to find more information on them before I travel to Rockford. I can be reached at keithh@kcnet.com Keith Halvorsen
Laura Kaatz , Fri, 08 Aug 1997 16:06:12

BLACK Family: I'm searching for information on the BLACK family, who immigrated from Ireland to the Philadelphia, PA, area in about 1848. They moved to Owen Township, Winnebago Co, IL, in about 1858. I have more, but would like to share⁄compare with others interested in this family. Thanks,

Laura Kaatz; 2316 W. Cothrell Street; Olathe, KS 66061(lkaatz@sprintmail.com)

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