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There is no research facility which specializes in Italian genealogical collections in the Winnebago County area. However, you may find some of the following locations helpful:

St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Church, 1010 Ferguson St., Rockford, IL ,(815)965-2761
This is "The Italian Parish in Rockfor

The Rockford Diocese may also have information of value in your research

Every year in August, the Italian-Americans of this area sponsor "Fiesta Italiana" at Boylan Central Catholic High School in Rockford. This festival features Italian food and fun. The proceeds of this festival provide funding for college scholarships for students of Italian-American descent. 

There are several Northern Illinois historical organizations and libraries that have collections of Italian-American history. Having said that, I would like to encourage those with Italian-American backgrounds to make a record of their own history and donate that history to a library or society. Your history could include information on: immigration, family, education, neighborhood, political activity, religion, ethnicity, occupation, and lifestyle. Along with that information, photographs, documents, clippings, and other memorabilia would help make your story real to others.

For help in preserving our own history contact:

The Italian Cultural Center,
1621 No
rth 39th Avenue
Stone Park, IL 60165

(708) 345-3842

Hours: 9-5 Mon-Fri, 9-1 Sat. The Balch Institute in Philadelphia and the National Archives, Great Lakes Region in Chicago have records of the passenger lists of immigrant vessels.

The Italian Government is planning a databank that links local manuscript birth and death records with emigration records. Italian Genealogy Links

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