Towns -Townships - Zip Codes

Here is a list of towns with their corresponding township. Most towns are linked to its listing at YaHoo! (Except Moline has its own home page.) Please scroll down to reference the following map of the county and locate where each town is.


Town Township Zipcode
Andalusia Andalusia 61232
Babcock Hampton 61244
Barstow Zuma 61236
Buffalo Prairie Buffalo Prairie 61237
Carbon Cliff Hampton 61239
Castle Junction Bowling
Coal Valley Coal Valley 61240
Cordova Cordova 61242
East Moline South Moline 61244
Edgington Edgington 61284
Fruitland South Moline
Ginger Hill Blackhawk 61264
Hampton Hampton 61256
Hillsdale Canoe Creek 61257
Illinois City Drury 61259
Joslin Zuma 61257
Milan Blackhawk 61264
Moline Moline 61265
Moline South Moline
Oak Grove Blackhawk 61264
Port Byron Port Byron 61275
Rapids City Hampton 61278
Reynolds Edgington 61279
Rock Island Rock Island 61201
Rock Island South Rock Island
Silvis Hampton 61282
Taylor Ridge Edgington 61284