Thomas Candor

Thomas Candor (deceased) was a type of the men who braved so much that this western wild might grow to usefulness. He was plain, honest, and progressive, looking not only to the rescue of the soil from its wild state, but also the upbuilding of the minds and souls of the rising generation, who now follow his teachings, both in precept and example. He was born in Union county, Pennsylvania, February 29, 1796. His father was a Scotchman, and his mother Irish. Farming was their occupation. Thomas was meagerly educated. In his youth he learned the tanning trade, which he afterward followed for some time. He was married to Margaret Montgomery, daughter of John Montgomery, whose brother was proprietor of Danville, Pennsylvania. Her brother, Rev. John Montgomery, was the first preacher in Mercer county, and Hopkins Boone, an old settler here, was her brother-in-law. The fall of 1836 Thomas and Robert Candor (brothers) made the trip from Pennsylvania to Mercer county on horseback. Having secured a land claim for the N.W. quarter Sec. 6, also S.W. quarter Sec. 7, he, in company with his brother Robert, sold their horses and returned to Pennsylvania by river. He sold his tannery, and in the fall of 1837 moved westward overland, bringing family of wife and five children: John M., Robert, Josiah, Mary H., and Daniel M., and leaving one (Elizabeth) buried in Pennsylvania. Having arrived in Mercer county, after a short stay in Keithsburg the family moved into the little log house on their farm formerly entered. The house was partly built by William Sheriff, by order of Mr. Candor. Ere few years had passed Mrs. Candor died (September 30, 1841), leaving a family and friends to mourn their loss. Her burial was the dedication of the Candor graveyard. Mr. Candor was next married to Mary L. Boardman, who died May 27, 1874. Mr. Candor died March 13, 1871, and was buried near his partner. From the laying out of Aledo he lived in town. He was a man of foremost in good works, yet a quiet, careful, non-speculative man. He was an elder in the Presbyterian church, and foremost in building of the Candor church. His politics were Whig and Republican. Of is family, John N. graduated in Princeton College, and, in the third year of his theological course at Princeton Theological Seminary, died in the twenty-fourth year of is age. He is buried in Danville, Pennsylvania. Josiah, Mary (the first wife of Graham Lee), Daniel M., and Robert. Robert Candor was born May 4, 1828, in Columbia county, Pennsylvania. He married Rebecca J., daughter of John and Anna (McGaughey) Linn. Her father was a native of Ohio, and her mother of Pennsylvania. Both came to Mercer county in 1839 and settled near Viola. He died August 27, 1851. He was in the war of 1812. Mrs. Candor was born in Trumbull county, Ohio, April 2, 1829. After marriage Mr. Candor farmed in Rock Island county fourteen years, and was there justice of the peace. He sold and moved to Mercer county. In 1872 he built a fine residence, 32 x 56, two-story. Both belong to the Presbyterian church, in which he is an elder. They have six children: John M., Thomas H., Ward L., Sarah (now Mrs A.W. Hill), Maggie (now Mrs. W.S. Ross), and Mary L.

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