Obituary - Mrs. Mary Stevens

       Died at Naperville,January 23d, 1871.  Mrs. Mary Stevens aged 86 years and 9 months.

        Mrs. Stevens was born in Hartland, Windsor County, Vermont.  In 1832 during the Indian was, she removed with her husband and children to Naperville.  A resident here, of many years, endeared Naperville to her as the central home of her family and the last reting place of her loved ones. Here she wished to live and die.  Home was her most congenial sphere, and in the society of her intimate friends, she found nearly all of the world she cared to know.  Her life was consecreted to her family. She found her happiness in their prosperity, her sorrow, in their misfortunes.

       Her declining years were sustained by a calm trust in God, that illuminated her daily life, and needed no public profession to make it known.

        After many tears for dear ones whom she had survived she followed them at last, full of years, and ripe for the felicities of heaven.

         Her gentleness, her devotion endeared her, when on earth, to many friends and have enshrined her, now, in the hearts of her children to the third generation.
Submitted by Judy Fessler and Polly Hitt



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