Obituary - Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Frost

Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Frost - Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B.W. Hughes, deceased, was born in Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania June 25, 1848 and died at Naperville, Ill. April 27, 1907, aged 59 years, 10 months and 12 days.
The dates mark the beginning and ending of the earthly career of life, redeemed through our Lord, Jesus Christ, purified and kept for the Master's use.
She was early deprived of the tender care of her mother, and came with her father and his family to Illinois where they settled at Copenhagen, near Naperville in 1856.
She was married October 10, 1867 to her now deeply bereft husband, Mr. J.B. Frost, with whom she lived nearly 40 years in happy wedlock.  Six children were born to them, two of whom died in infancy, while two daughters Cora E. and Nettie, were permitted to minister to their mother in her frequent illnesses during the past eight years and survive to be a comfort and help to their father in the loneliness of his sore bereavement.
Two sons also survive, Herbert and Frank of Chicago, who with their wives and five children, deeply feel the loss of mother's presence in the home and of her cheery visits to their homes.  Sister Frost was one of a large family, and there still survive her five brothers and three sisters.
She was converted when but a child under the ministry of the sainted Rev. C. Augenstien, and became a member of the Evangelical Church, in which she sought and found opportunity to serve her blessed Master.
She was a model wife and mother. Bearing cheerfully her share of the burdens of life, and with diligent hands and prudent foresight she made home the most inviting, most restful place for the husband and filled it with the sunshine of love.  Her children were to her a sacred trust from God and she poured into their young lives the best things of her own, and guarded and guided them so faithfully that she had all the sweet satisfaction of seeing them all active in Christian life.
But the light of her Christian life shone out much farther than the bounds of her own home.  She was a woman of deep consecration and of large compassion.  She was a charter member of the College Chapel church, and in every part of the church work, her faithful service will be missed.  She was most untiring and self-sacrificing in her labors in the Ladies Aid and Women's Missionary societies.
Her illness covered a period of about eight years, during which her activities in the church and in the community were often interrupted.  Her last illness, however, was of short duration.  Her last Sabbath was spent in the services of the church and in the early days of the week she was in almost unusually good spirit.  She was taken worse, however, on Thursday the 25th, and from the beginning seem to feel the end was near.  On Friday afternoon she gathered her family about her and with loving tenderness admonished them to faithfulness in Christian life.  Her mind seemed to recall constantly strains of the hymns that had cheered her most as "Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus," "Peace, Sweet Peace."  In the evening she entreated her husband to take a much needed rest, but had him first gather the family for prayers.  After the prayer, she wished him a sweet sleep.  Soon after three o'clock on Saturday morning, with husband and children all about her, she smiled a sweet adieu and the spirit breaking out of the house of clay moved out triumphantly to be with Christ in the land of endless day, where she awaits the glad reunion with the loved ones who yet remain.
Funeral services, conducted by the Revs. Caton and Divan, were help in the Grace church yesterday afternoon.
Submitted by Mike Johnston
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