Naperville Deaths
 Emma Scherer was born in Naperville, Illinois on January 23, 1875, to Christian Scherer and his wife Mary Stenger Sherer.  According to her granddaughter, "At some time when she was a young teenager, she went to get medicine for her mother and it was extremely cold outside.  Her eardrums cracked and she was deaf the rest of her life.  If you talked real loud she could hear you.  I think  that is why she did so much crocheting and quilting.  She also played the piano,;  she would put a pancake turner in her mouth and touch it to the piano, and could somehow identify music by the vibration.
"Her father owned the Scherer Hardware store in Naperville.  My grandmother married Edward Mertz in 1901 and they had 5 children." Emma Scherer Mertz  died October 28, 1957.
The following is a list of Naperville deaths, compiled by Emma Scherer Mertz and  submitted by her granddaughter, Dyonne Brys.  It appears that she began by listing the names of all people she had known in Naperville who preceeded her in death.  The last pages of names appear to have been added as these people died.   At times it must have seemed that she had been left behind by the entire town that she once knew.
Transcribed September 1999


                    Naperville Deaths

 Mark Marvin
Mrs. and Mrs. Siebert                                 Mason Work
Mr. George Wunder                                    Butcher
Mr and Mrs. Barber
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kochley                         Dry Goods Merchants
Mr. and Mrs. Rich Wagner                        Fly Net Factory
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon                                 Farmers, retired
Mrs. Caroline Strubler
Mr. George        "  husband                       Livery Stable
Allie Strubler Stewart-                               daughter of Strubler
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Keller                         Saloon Keeper
Mrs. Linderman                                         Candy Store by Keller's Saloon
Thomas Peters                                            Livery Stable
Valetine Keller                                           Saloon Keeper
Mr. Shultz                                                   Cigar Store
Emma    "                                                    daughter
William Knoch                                            Cigar Store
Mrs. Knoch- Wife
Mr. Herbert                                               Harness Shop
Mr. Albert Herbert                                    Electric Shop
Joe Egerman                                              Saloon Keeper
Mr. and Mrs. Beotager                             Meat Market
Mr. and Mrs. Minch                                  Shoe Store
Mrs. Mose Hosler                                     Merchant
Mr. David Givler                                       Editor
Mrs.  "          "
Mrs. Bomberger                                        Grocery Store
Dr. Daniels                                                 Drugist
Mr. Mather                                                Post Master
Mr. Phillips                                                 Owned the Stone Quarry
Will    "                                                       Son
Chick (?) Butler                                         Scotts Book Keeper
Mr. and Mrs. Kendall                               Principal
Mr. and Mrs. Miller                                  Preacher and neighbor
Mrs. Gehenheimer,                                   nee Lucy Neise
Eddie Neise-                                              was a cripple-his back
Valetine Dieter                                          Banker
Willard Scott                                              once Mayor and neighbor
May Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Phifister [Pfister]              Hardware
Mr. and Mrs. Wickle                               Drugist
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Heydon                   Bakery Shop
Adra Heydon- daughter Dr. K. Truitt
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Strubler
Mrs. and Mrs. Waterman                         Teacher (Principal)
Frank Shimp                                               Auctioneer
Nettie Frost
Monroe Christ                                            Real estate
Mr. Mazier
Mr. and Mrs. Kilb
Mrs. Hoffman
Mrs. Hoffman                                             midwife
Dina       "                                                   daughter
Mr. and Mrs. Railer-                                 neighbors
Mrs. Yingling                                              Gold Star Mother
Sam Yingling- husband
Eddie Kiltz- died at war- son
Mrs. Reiche
Ed Reiche                                                    Tinner
Mr. Mike Widders
Ben Wikenwader
Isabelle Saylor-                                           died eating poison ca____
Dutch Mary Worchest
John Hauser
Old Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Nadlehoffer (?)  Baker
Mr. Miller- Mary's father                         Tailor
Mr. Wallie Jones                                        Livery Stable
Mr. and Mrs. Horn
Mrs. and Mrs. Orcuitt
Fred Orcuitt- Son
Mrs. and Mrs. Marvin                              Mrs. run a resturant
Mrs. and Mrs. Phil Strubler                      Nursery
Mrs. and Mrs. John Zainunger (?)
John Staffeldt
Mrs. Joe Wisemantle  (According to Thom Greve, this is Eva J. (Heim) Weismantel, born 1885 and died 1938)

Mary Richenthaler
Mr. and Mrs. Bets
Joe Kieser                                                  Tinner
Art Mallow                                                 Barber
Louie Babst                                                Saloon Keeper
Joe Lehann (?)                                           Tinner
Mr. Weisemantle                                       Jelery Store 
(According to Thom Greve, this may be Joseph H. Weismantel, born Jul. 15, 1881, and died 1962. He was married to Eva Weismantel. However, Joseph's father was a jeweler, and it's possible that Mrs. Mertz included people whom she remembered from her childhood)

Mr. and Mrs. Bouker (?)                          Coal Man
Joe Babst- Baker, and Mrs. Joe Babst
Mr. and Mrs. Kailer                                  Stone Cutter
Mr. and Mrs. Doctor Bell (Blind & deaf.  Mr. was father)
Allie Tyler- daughter
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Lihaur (?)
Nellie Babst
Pete Babst - husband
Gust Bauer
Alois Bauer- brother
Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Rassweiler               Professor in College
Mr. Coultrafe- Professor
Mrs. Walter Givler
Philip Coral
Mrs. Coral                                                nee Lettie Wetzley, wife to Philip
William Coral and
Wife, nee Bab Wunder
Mrs. and Mrs. Rufus Netzley
Clyde Netzley-                                         got killed by an automobile
John Collins                                             Shoe Store with Durran
Arthur Freeman
Jinnie Freeman, wife
Mrs. and Mrs. Riddler
Howard Goodrich-                                  Lawyer
and Wife
Mrs. and Mrs. William King
Joe Rice- Banker
Mr. and Mrs. Beckman and Blind daughter
Clint Strubler                                           Post master
   wife who went blind for many years
Alvin Scott                                                Banker- Bay's father
Bay Scott                                                  son
Bay Scott's boy                                        very fat
Herman Knickerbocker
Jim Knickerbocker
Hally Haight                                             Lawyer
John Haight                                              Lawyer- brothers
Jim Stoner
Mary Wayne
Johnny Zainuger
Dr. and Mrs. Fry                                      Horse Doc
Doctor Rainuger
Doctor Schott
Ira Schott                                                  Baker
Maud Obright
Whesley   "                                               Brother
Norman    "                                                     "
Mrs. Obright                                             Mother
Emma Brown
Ida Miller
Anna Miller                                               Bookkeeper for Scott
Carl Miller                                                 insane.  Brother of Anna
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Turner                      Farmers
Mr. and Mrs. Rohr                                    Florist
Mrs. Miller                                                Florist- west-side
James Vallet [Vallette]
Mrs. Vallet         "                                     Nurse
Mirlie   "             "                                     Daughter
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hillegas                      Hardware Store
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Rassweiler                       "
Prof. H.H. Rassweiler and wife
Ina Rassweiler
Irene Rassweiler                                        Daughter of  H.H. Rassweiler
Mr. Goodwin                                               Heatherton
Mr. John Goodwin                                      Farm
Mr. James Nichols, Prof.                           Donated the Nichols Library to Naperville Mr. and Mrs. Ed Rickert                           Farmers
Mr. and Mrs. John Rickert
Mr. and Mrs. Miller                                  Jewelry man
Ida Nadlehofer                                          Simpson's wife of Dr.
Litchen                                                        Emma Nadlehofer's man
Lawyer Dudley
Ida Dudley                                                  daughter- insane
Mrs. Dudley
Mr. & Mrs. Chas. Nadlehofer
Millie Becker                                             married to Keller
Mr. and Mrs. Becker                                Butcher- Parents-Miller
Dr. Dorn                                                     Dentist
Mr. Fuss                                                     Barber
Mrs. Millie Hirtal                                      1938-age 65
Noal Alspaugh
Mr. and Mrs. John Alspaugh, nee Hannah Ditzler
Mrs. Emma Swartz
Mrs. Leo Kreger
Mrs. Walter Givler
Joe Yender                                                 Building and Loan
Camp John of Wheaton                             Undertaker
Ollie Strubler                                              City Clerk
Albert Miller                                              Wagon Maker
Joseph Yender                                            Tailor
Mrs. Otta Reiche
Chas. Mayo, Rochester Minn.                  Doc 73 yrs
Will       "              "            "                       79 yrs
Bertha Keller
Mrs. George Wunder                                 Edna's Mother
Dr. G. B. Kimmel                                        Professor in the College
Edith Rickert Powel                                    Husband is a minister
Mr. John Hertel- out of his head                Automobile Accident
Carrie Wooster- age 88                              Dress Maker
Ed Hodgetts                                                 81 yrs.
Chas. Frederick                                           Undertaker
Mrs. Anna Brown                                        Anna Carlson's Mother
Mrs. Will Boether
Mrs. Hathawa
Mrs. Mike Widders, 91 yrs                        Johnie's Mother
Newton Wagner
Miss Mary Palm                                          84 yrs.
George Clems
Dr. Migely
Mrs. Kiplinger
Jimmie Givler Schumacher
Mrs. Kielhoofer                                            Nurse
Edwitch Beidleman                                       Art's Wife
Harvy Frailey
Mrs. Yundt                                                    Art Beidleman Mother in law
Henry Bachus                                                Mathie's husband-Wheaton
Mr. Rubright                                                 Hattie Schott 2nd husband
William Moody                                              Police for 25 yrs
Rich- 96 yrs                                                   Grand Army Man
Mrs. Susie Oswald                                        Drugist
Nellie Charles Frederick                              Undertaker
Susan Moeler - 99 yrs                                   Mary's step Mother
Mrs. Wesley Lutz
Afse Gusbard
Frank Barngartner- 82 yrs                            Painter
Meily Carpenter-                                           Married a Sheldon(?) Marvin                                                             Thad Marvin's wife
Harry Malon                                                    Brother to Art
Mrs. Lila Wienholdt
Dr. Clancy
Frank Kline                                                      Carpenter
Charles Lasanke                                              Coal man
Carrie Gerberick Fink
Mrs. Amelia Heise                                           Herman's wife
Mrs. Joe Reuss                                                Husband a lawyer
Rudolph Springborn                                          Worked with Norris
George Ritzenthaler                                         worked 27 yrs for the
                                                                          Burlin___Electric Plant
Lucy Marvin nee Gushard
Frank Jones                                                      Worked for Heydon as a baker
Mrs. Royce Sargent                                         Earl's wife
Mrs. Bertha Kaylor Morlock
Alice Mertz Rickert-age 82 yrs                       Ed's sister
Mrs. Frank Jones
Mrs. Hatch-87 yrs old                                      Lived in the Shultz house
Newton Matter-86 yrs old
Bill McKorkel-66 yrs
Mrs. Julia Stoner-age 86 yrs
Grush                                                                 Oil man
Presadent Rosefeldt-age 62 yrs
Henry Moeller                                                   Mary's brother-age 78
Mr. Moelhenry (?)                                             Stone cutter
Raymond Baliman's boy                                    Got killed in the army
Mrs. Valetine Dieter- age 87 yrs
Mrs. Emma Nadlefoffer Litzens
Art Hesterman                                                    Saloon keeper
Joe Mickenbecker                                              Tailor
Fred Rich                                                             Pastor-age 70 yrs old
Mrs. Harley Walker
Mr. Sanborn                                                        Worked for S.H. Moore
Will Beother                                                        Meat Market
Harold Beidleman-27 yrs old                              Died for our country
Oliver Beidleman's son                                       Furniture store
Albert Smith                                                         Both nominated for
Wendell Wilke                                                     President
Henry Pfister?                                                                Retired Farmer
Latshaw girl                                                         Frank Latchaw's daughter
Ed Keiser                                                             Plumber
Louis Clemens                                                     Banker-47 yrs old-stroke
Louis Ambruster
Mrs. Nichols                                                        Mayor's mother-age 81 yrs
Mr. Hoops                                                            Second Hand Furniture Store
Paulie Green's Wife
Mr. Kirchner                                                        Carpet Weaver
Helen Piper                                                           Age 51 yrs-cancer of the breast
Art Rassweiler's wife-63 yrs
Dr. Martin- age 70                                                Buried at Harvard, Ill.
Eigleberger                                                            Retired Farmer-stroke-87 yrs old
Jack Haubecker                                                    Band master-world war No 2-
first to be brought over from across - age 22 years  

Hattie Stephens- 81 yrs.
Harry Stephens                                                        Sherman's brother
Maggie Herbert- age 77 yrs old                              Fancy Shop
Mrs. Rice                                                                  Bob Long's sister-age 62 yrs
Charlie Strockery?                                                    S. School teacher's husband
Walter Givler
Peter Krochler- 78 yrs
Mr. and Mrs. Bieska                                                Mr. was 87 yrs
Dr. Simpson- 85 yrs
Doray Ester- wife, and her mother                           10 Nov. 1950
Vernon Keller                                                            Henry's son
Henry Keller                                                              60 yrs old
Autie Saylor
George Wicks                                                            Worked for Krohler
Mr. Ross                                                                    Baker
Profesor Nauman                                                       Cancer on face
Attic girl?- insane- killed herself on R.R. track
Mrs. Chas. Stockhecker                                            My S. S. teacher-82
George Skiner                                                            Irone's husband- 59 yrs
Julian Ory- 56                                                             Post Office expressman
Minnie Lehman- 91 yrs                                              Saylor's sister
George Mertz- 90 yrs
Ed Mertz- 87
George Taylor                                                             Carrie Palm's husband
William Woods
Fry                                                                                Paper Hanger
Edmund Schafer                                                           Barber- 82 yrs
Hattie Schott Ruebright
Krohler's daughter, Gladys                                         57 of cancer
Linnie Stark- 73
Mrs. Hosler died at DuPage ___?                               81
Cousin Eva Easter died in California                          60 yrs old
Adolph Stenger - 84
Mrs. Ezra Miller
George Baliman- 76 yrs
Sarah        "          Wife
Guy Babcock
Dick Yender
Linnie Stark
Mrs. Fry Benton Ave???
Harvey Kailer                                                                Cremated his body

wife has the ashes Charley Diel
Otto Reiche                                                                    Hardware Store-age 88 yrs
Susie Oswald                                                                  Drugist
Henry Zainunger                                                            Coal man
 (   "       " boy- cancer of the lungs- was married- had 2 twin boys)
Nora Yender- 80 yrs
Mrs. Saylor- 80 yrs
Dr. Rickli- 76 yrs                                                            Gall Stones
Walter Rickert
Oswald                                                                             Drugist
Chas. Hedblum
Marie Long                                                                      Bob's wife
Mart Marvin
Chas. Taylor                                                                     Carrie's husband
Ed Knickerbocker

Mr. Freeman                                                                     Diabetes
George Skinner                                                                 Irene's husband
Charlie Diel
Henry Yingburg                                                                 Liver trouble
Barbara Bauer- 88 yrs
Autie Saylor - heart trouble-found dead in bed
Dr. Truitt
Dr. Clancy
Mrs. John Collins-92 yrs old
Dick Marvin                                                                       Blind
Rollo Givler                                                                        Printer-moved to California
Dr. Dieust- Mable Givler's husband                                 Dentist
Latcheshaw's daughter
Earnest Moyer                                                                    Louge? Factory
Moser                                                                                  Louge Factory
James Monroe Petty- age 53 yrs
Troy Simms- 3 yrs old- Father's a preacher here
Delia Mertz Thomas- 88 yrs old
Hazel Rickert
Johnnie Ackerman
Louie Ackerman
Jossie Ackerman Dieter
Lena Acherman
Fairbanks                                                                                Policeman
Will Mooney
Anna Carlson Brown, 63 yrs




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