Samuel Tindall, Margaret Tindall and Sarah Brasher

MELANCHOLY ACCIDENT It becomes our sad duty to record a catastrophe of the most distressing character. On Saturday afternoon last, a two-horse sleigh containing five persons, broke thro' the ice upon Rock River, just above the bridge at the foot of the lower Rapids.---But two of the five were saved. Samuel Tindall, his sister Margaret, about 19 years of age, and Miss Sarah Brasher, daughter of Wm. T. Brasher, Esq., of this vicinity, were lost. Wm. Tisdel and George Bowlin are the names of the persons who escaped. The latter was driving at the time, and we are told, he did not relinquish his hold upon the lines until the sleigh had settled into the water, when he with difficulty extricated himself. Where the accident occurred, the water is deep and very swift, so that almost as soon as the ice gave way, the sleigh, with most of its precious burden, was swept under by the current. At the last tidings, none of the bodies had been recovered. Almost every year, the breaking up of winter is marked in this vicinity by loss of life upon the treacherous element. We cannot be too careful about trusting to the firmness of the ice at this season of the year; and though it is beyond human power to repair the damage already done, yet we hope this sad event may ever prove a warning to the unwary.---Rock Island Adv.

Note from submitter: This accident occurred in the vicinity of Rock Island.

- Source: Galena Daily Advertiser, Volume 1 Number 238, Galena, Illinois, Monday, March 5, 1849 RECOVERED.---The body of Miss Margaret Tindall, one of the three persons who were drowned in Rock River last Saturday was a week, has been recovered. The others have not yet been found.

- Source: North-Western Advertiser, Vol.2 #21, Rock Island, Illinois, Tuesday, March 6, 1849

- Contributed by Patricia A. Essary