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John W. Sauber b. 21 Nov 1882 d. 10 Jan 1972 was a conductor for the Chicago and  Northwestern Railroad, and belonged to the Brotherhood of Railroad Conductors. His wife was Rose Mary Gardner b. 1882 or 1883 d. 1944. They were married 14 Feb 1906 in West Chicago, Du Page Co., IL and she died there. His parents were William Sauber b. Feb 1847 and Eva Jaegen⁄Jaeger (not sure on the spelling). They were married 28 Jun 1879. 
I have found them in some census records online and in the Illinois State Archives marriage records (which only go up to 1906). William came to America from Germany with his brother Peter in 1872 according to the 1900 Census. They lived in a section of DuPage Co called Turner Junction according to the census records.
Peter worked on a Sea Liner, I'm guessing probably on Lake Michigan. From some information I have read on the different surname boards, Saubers came from Luxemburg. Sauber is the German word for 'clean'. John lived to be 91, he died in Marin Co. CA. It is my understanding that he lived with his daughter, Virginia Barsell until he died.
John W. Sauber b. 21 Nov 1881 d. 10 Jan 1972 married Rose Mary Gardner b.1882 d. 1944 on February 14, 1906 (marriage source: Illinois State Archives, birth and death dates for John W. source: Social Security Death Index).
Their children were (in birth order):
i.      Margaret b. 7 Aug 1906 d. Jul 1983 m. Andrew Carney b. 7 Jul 1907
ii.     Arthur b. 24 Mar 1908 d. Aug 1966 in Reno NV in plane crash
iii.    Mary Ann (twin) b. 18 Dec 1909 d. 17 Dec 1978 m. (1) Norman Mercer
and (2) James Pembroke (she was my g-grandmother)
iv.     Magdaline "Madge" (twin) b. 18 Dec 1909 d. July 1968 m. (1) Robert
W. Cary (2) Michael Prendota
v.      Alfred b. 7 Nov 1911 d. 30 Aug 1994
vi.     Virginia M. b 30 June 1913 d. 4 June 1991 m. "Buster" Barsell
vii.    John "Johnny" b. 12 May 1915 d. 21 Nov 1975
viii.   Paul "Pauly"
ix.     Clarence Frances b. 30 May 1921 d. Jul 1974 - m. Juanita Gallagher
(Source: Dan Medford (grandson))
x.      Thomas
Submitted by Patti German 
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Marriage of John Sauber

John Sauber offered the following information on the marriage of John Sauber
May 28, 2007

   I have a German language certification of marriage dated 24 November 1891 issued at St. John's church, which has confirmed same to me, that there Mr.. Johann Sauber entered into holy matrimony on that date, and that he was born in Minten, Trier, Germany on April 5,1862 (we suspect his immigration via Hamburg around 1873) and resided in West Chicago, Du Page Count since 1882, the year after marriage was contracted in Winfield, Ill, Du Page County with Rose Schmidt ( no birth date, but whose father brought them over to USA around the same year as John W. arrived (I,e. My grandfather).and that the Schmidt family hailed from Neudlinger outside of Bad Kissingen where Herr Schmidt was Burgermeister for a number of years.

    Somewhat yellow and faided, the  marriage certificae remains intact with a translation on the backside... at the time Trier was under Luxemburg jurisdiction and my research indicated Echternach ( right across the Rhine from Trier as also to be a point of residence at one time.). 

Submitted by John Sauber
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