Naperville Memories

Nadyne Noffsinger shares these family memories:

My Great-Grandmother's name was Bertha Kailer Morlock.  Her father was Frederick Kailer.  He owned and built a building on Washington Street in Naperville, 1897, which still stands near the corners of Jefferson and Washington Streets.    It and was a drygoods shop, and ladies entered one door and men the other. His name is still atop the building (I think Rosich and Rosich Law Firm owns it now). Grandpa ws in the Civil War and walked to Wheaton to catch the train.  He also walked with General Sherman to the sea and survived. He came home and went on to have Bertha Morlock in 1870.  Bertha's daughter, Melvina Morlock (Ebinger), was born in 1891 in Naperville. Melvina's daughter, Lois Ebinger Taylor, also was a resident of Naperville.  She married Walter Tayosr, and their son is still a resident of Naperville. 
Jacob Kailer, father of Frederick, was one of the first boys in Naperville.  He played with the Indians.  He became a shoemaker, and died in 1853.  Pat Sabin has shared the memories of her great-great-Aunt Mary on this page

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