Augustus Kendall

On Monday morning, Feb. 9th, Mr. Augustus Kendall passed away at his home in Hamlet. The funeral was conducted at the home Wednesday afternoon by Rev. J. Thompson Baker of the Hamlet Presbyterian church, after which the remains were interred by the side of his wife in the Reynolds Cemetery. Mr. Kendall was born in Chautauqua County, New York, Jan. 3, 1836, and thus was a little past 78 years old at the time of his death. He was the only son of Hazard and Mary Smith Kendall, both of Connecticut. His mother died when he was a baby. His father married again in 1839. Mr Kendall was raised by his grandmother. Mr. Kendall came to Kane County in 1856. Four years later he came to Mercer county. In 1863 he was married to Lucretia Wait in Rock Island, and for two years lived with her brother, Meigs Wait. In 1865 they moved on a farm in Preemption township, and lived there till 1876, when they moved to the present home farm at Hamlet. To this union were born six children. Two of these died in infancy. Those surviving are Mrs. Lettie Dunn, Hamlet; Mrs. Ida Halstead, West Liberty, Iowa; Mrs. Viola Candor of North Dakota, and Meigs W. Kendall of Hamlet. There are seven grandchildren. Mr Kendall's wife passed beyond Nov. 8, 1908. Mr. Kendall had two brothers and two sisters by his father's second marriage. One, George R., deceased; Mrs. Frank Lull, Wupeka, Wis.; and Mrs. Ann Faxon, deceased; E.W. Kendall, Plano, Ill. Also an adopted brother, E.B. Kendall, Chicago. Mr. Kendall was a man of large acquaintance and had a host of friends, his home was noted for its hospitality. He was an upright citizen, liberal toward all good causes, and a public spirited man. Though quite feeble for the past three years, he still took an active interest in everything, was always delighted to his many friends visit with him.

- Source unknown, February 1914