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The photo is of Peter Weigand (behind bar), owner and proprietor of the Hotel in Lombard.  In 1998, the building was still standing on the SW corner of Park St. & St. Charles Rd.. in Lombard.  At that time there was a Restaurant on the main floor.

Below is a transcription from the notes attached to a Family Tree compiled by Roy Weigand of Lombard, the grandson of Peter.        *       *       *       *       *       * The following is copied from "THE HISTORICAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ILLINOIS AND HISTORY OF DUPAGE COUNTY 1912" ,  page 1069.

WEIGAND, PETER:  For many years associated with the Hotel business in DuPage County, during which time he afforded entertainment for many of the notable visitors to this locality for an indefinite period, and set up a
standard of excellence hard to be beaten, was born near Lombard, York Township, October 25, 1855.  He is a son of John and Mrs. Gertrude (Flickman Yanser) Weigand.
Growing up in York Township, Peter Weigand attended the district schools  and spent a short time in a Catholic parochial school.  When fourteen years old, he began working as a farm hand, continuing this for four years, when
he began buying horses.  Later he did teaming and thrashing, always saving money and keeping an outlook for good opportunities to invest it.  By the time he had attained his majority, he was ready to farm himself, so he rented property from his mother, continuing to operate this until 1889, at the same time keeping up with his thrashing.  In the fall of that year, he rented the Lombard Hotel, conducting it for eight years, and firmly establishing it's reputation for good meals and general excellent treatment of guests.  In the spring of 1889, he retired temporarily from the Hotel
business on account of ill health, but in March 2, 1900 he resumed his cares, buying his old Hostelry and running it until April 23, 1910, when once more he was forced to retire, and so sold his property.  In 1898, he built a large modern residence in Lombard which is the family home. 

On November 2, 1889 Mr. Weigand married Mary Schempp, born in Philadelphia - November 30, 1864 - daughter of Phillip and Nanette (Elser) Schempp, natives of Germany.  After the death of his first wife he married her sister Mary.  The Schempp family came to Lombard   July 21, 1887, and Mr. Schempp died December 4, 1889, aged fifty-two years.  His widow later married Carl Ketcher, and after his death was united with Carl Koseck, and they resided in Lombard.  Mr. and Mrs. Weigand became the parents of four children: Albert P. Who was born August 3, 1890, a student of applied electricity at Pratt Institute of Brooklyn, New York after having already been graduated from the Lewis Institute of Chicago: Ferdinand W. Who was born May 19,1982, a graduate of the Lombard Public School, is with his father: Gertrude M. Who was born February 11, 1896, a graduate of the Lewis Institute: and Harold G. Who was born September 29, 1903.
Mr. Weigand is a Democrat, but has never desired office, preferring to devote himself to his private affairs.  Having been connected with the Hotel life for so long a time, Mr. Weigand is know all over the State, and affectionately remembered by those who had the pleasure of being his transient guests, as well as those who lived in his Hotel.
Contributed by Jim Bauer, October 1999.

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