Marion Wait

Pioneer Resident Approaches 90 Marion Wait of Taylor Ridge will arrive at the age of 90 next Wednesday, Jan. 17 and doesn't expect to make any fuss about it. Some years ago when he lived on a farm several miles west of Taylor Ridge and a mile south his wife arranged a surprise gathering of relatives for a fine birthday dinner. Snow was on the ground in quantity and the road south from the Taylor Ridge-Edgington highway was hardly more than a one-way track. It began to snow again and the wind picked up. By the approach of late afternoon it was a regular blizzard--big drifts piling up, snowy and cold. Mr. Wait had to harness up a team of horses, hitch them to a hayrack, break the road and then haul the cars thru, one at a time; all except the last one which was a Model T Ford with chains on all four wheels. That was the last January birthday party anyone ever dared arrange for him. Marion was the fifth child of Meigs Wait and his second wife, pioneer residents of this community. Meigs and two brothers, Will and Jacob came from Indiana in the 1850's and bought farms west of Reynolds. Meigs had two children by his first wife. Harry, Ernest, Daisy and Bert were the older brothers and sister of Marion. Harry and Bert died some years ago at their homes in Texas. Ernest, who was studying medicine with Dr. Stuart in Reynolds, died of diphtheria contracted from the doctor's daughter who also died of the dread disease. Daisy, who was married to Harry Stewart, also died some years ago as did Marion's youngest brother, Mark. Another younger brother, Dr. Guy Wait, lives in Mount Pulaski, Ill., and Largo, Fla. One of Marion Wait's earliest memories was when he was four years old and his father brought him in from the farm to see the first railroad train puff into Reynolds on Oct. 6, 1876. Meigs Wait had been instrumental in persuading the railroad men to build their line thru this community and also helped lay out the new town which became important as a shipping point for livestock. The Meigs Wait farm was located a mile and a half west of the new railroad station, the farm now occupied by Mrs. Anna Fassett. Marion was born in the house later moved to Reynolds and now occupied by Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Gauley on Main street, the former home there of Dr. R.E. Ouderkirk. Marion Wait attended Dexter school and Reynolds High school and was married on Dec. 26, 1900, to Miss Augusta Ketzle, daughter of another pioneer family of this community, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ketzle. Mr. Wait managed the home farm until the death of his parents when he purchased his own farm northwest of Reynolds. About 14 years ago he sold that place and moved with his wife to Taylor Ridge where she died in February, 1958. Mr. Wait is the father of two daughters, Mrs. R.E. Pettit and Mrs. Walter G. Danielson. There are six grandchildren, five great-grandchildren and five step-great-grandchildren. Marion Wait has a remarkable memory and can tell all sorts of stories about this community and the people who have lived here. His unquestioned integrity, congenial disposition and ever-present sense of humor have won him hundreds of friends. He is a member of the Reynolds Methodist church.

-- The Reynolds Press, Jan 1962