National Cemetery

There have been over 18,000 interments at the National Cemetery at Rock Island Arsenal. Each person is listed with the location in the cemetery. Thank you to the folks at the National Cemetery at Rock Island Arsenal


The Rock Island National Cemetery was established in 1863 within the area of the United States Arsenal on Rock Island in the Mississippi River near the Cities of Davenport, IA, and Rock Island and Moline, IL. The grave of General Thomas Jackson Rodman, distinguished Civil War officer and Commanding Officer of the Rock Island Arsenal from 1865 to his death in 1871, is located in the Rock Island National Cemetery. The three Civil War era cannons surrounding General Rodman's burial place hold special significance. They were cast by a process invented by him.

 On 28 August, 1868 interments totaled 136, which number included seventy-four white soldiers on various state volunteer regiments, forty-nine member of the 108th Regiment United States Colored Troops, six women and children, and seven unknowns. Today there are over 18,000 interments at the National Cemetery.

 The staff of the National Cemetery, also located on Arsenal Island, have generiously donated a complete listing of all the Confederate Dead located in the cemetery. The data is current to the fall of 1996. Thank you especially to Larry Williams and JoAnn Munson for hunting down the information!

 The Department of Veteran's Affairs administer theNational Cemeteries. They have lots of general information online. For more information on National Cemteries, please see there home page.

 Please locate the name range of the person for whom you are looking. Click on the appropriate range to view that list of interments. The larger files contain about 500 names. Also each entry only contains the person's name and location within the cemetery. Very few show if they have been award the Purple Heart or other special commendation. Even fewer show rank or aliases.

 To help locate the person within the cemetery, please refer to the map of the cemetery.