Reverend O. B. Crandell

This obituary was written by Orin's son Abijah Crandell.

Obituary of Reverend O. B. Crandell At the residence of his son Abijah Seymour Crandell of Scandia, Kansas, December 19, 1884, of bronchial consumption, Rev. Orin B. Crandell passed into eternity. He was born in Hamilton, Madison County , N. Y., August 13 1806. He was converted and joined the M E Church in the year 1825, under the ministry of Rev. John C. Ayers, now of Bristo, Kansas. In 1829 he was licensed to preach, and the same year, he went to Switzerland Co. Ind., where on August 2, 1832, he married Miss Eliza Jane Kerr. In 1853 they removed to Rock Island County, IL., and from there to Mercer County, IL., where Mrs. Crandell died January 25, 1879. In March of 1883, he came to Republic County, Kansas. He was a great sufferer, being afflicted with asthma for 59 years. In his last days he would spend hours talking of his work in the church, and repeating sermons that he preached long ago; and as he talked, he seemed to live again his rich experiences in the church, when he rode the circuit in Indiana with Dr. T. M. Eddy and others. His faith was simple and beautiful as that of a child, and his quiet and cheerful life and patience through great suffering, convinced all who knew him that there was reality in his religion. A few days before his death, while his daughter-in-law was singing "Nearer my God to Thee," he said, "That makes me want to preach again, and I would take for my text, 'As the heart panteth for the water brook, so panteth my soul after thee, O,God!'" A few hours before he passed away, he repeated part of the hymn, "Show pity Lord, O,Lord forgive!" Without a struggle he passed into eternity. The funeral sermon was preached by Reverend R. A. Hoffman, of Belleville, Kansas, from the text, "Blessed are the dead who die in the lord."

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- Contributed by Roger Crandell