Christian C. Scherer

Christian C. Scherer was born March 9th, 1852 in Lobenstein, Germany.  He left home at the age of 14 years and learned the tinsmith trade, spending his early years in German.

At the age of 21 he came to America going directly to Chicago where his brother Henry was located. He engaged in the tinsmith business, working for the Rehms Hardware Company and also the McCormick people.

He visited with friends of his brother in Naperville, becoming acquainted with Miss Mary Stenger, to whom he was married December 30th, 1873.  They lived together to celebrate their Golden Wedding after seven years ago.

Mr. Scherer engaged in the hardware business in Naperville about 57 years ago.  At one time the firm was known as Schereer and Yost, and later as Scherer and Son. He was still active in business almost up to the time of his passing.

He is survived by one dauther, Mrs. Emma Mertz, and two sons, William and Harry. Also six grand children who are all living in Naperville.  His wife preceded him in death nearly two year ago and also his brother five years ago. One sister being the oldest in his family still survives in Germany.

Death came to Mr. Scherer on Sunday evening, Oct, 16th after a few days of illness hastened by an accident, when he fell last Thurs evening near his place of business, causing a fractured skull.

The funeral services ere held at the home on Wednesday, October 29, 1930.  The Rev. H. C. Stephan of Shannon, Ill., life long friend of the deceased officiated, assisted by the nephew of the deceased.

Mr. Scherer will be rememberd by old and young for his unfailing friendliness.  Among his business associates he was known as one whose word always was reliable and who practiced the Golden Rule Consistently.
Christian Scherer and
                        son Harry Scherer

Christian Scherer holding son, Harry Scherer

This file was contributed for use by the DuPage County ILGenWeb Project  by   the late Dyonne Brys, Granddaughter of Mr. Scherer 

Slowly transcribed from photocopy of original published obituary by Pat Sabin, Feb. 2,  2013

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