Walter C. Grant
Rock Island County Death
Thursday, 10 September 1908
Orion Times (Newspaper in Orion, Henry County, Illinois)
The top notch price for farm land was paid for a Sunny Hill farm a few days ago when S.R. Jones bought W.C. Grant’s farm of 120 acres, paying $167 an acre for the place. Mr. Jones sold his farm to Chas. Bechtel for $115 an acre. When farm lands brought $100 an acre people thought this was almost the limit but in a short time owners of the better class of farms put the price to $125 an acre, and later some offered to sell at $150 whey thought these (there) would be no buyers. But $167 an acre makes one stop and wonder how many years it will be before the price reaches $200. It ___ some day, for we have the ___ land in the world." . [Transcribed 14 January 2008, SLJuhl RNBSC, Compiler & Genealogist; ]

Walter C. Grant, a native Sunny Hill man, vice president of the Montgomery Elevator Company, of Moline who was well known to the people of this community, was killed instantly at 4:30 o’clock last Saturday afternoon by falling from the fifth floor to the basement in the elevator shaft at the new Moline Trust & Savings bank building in Moline.
He was struck in the head by the service elevator, while he stood with head and shoulders bending out over the edge of the corridor floor, inspecting the passenger elevator adjacent. According to Miss Mary Biebe, stenographer for P.J. Meersman, whose office is on the fifth floor, Mr. Grant had one foot on the floor of the corridor and the other was on the beam in the shaft, with his head and shoulders in the shaft.
"Suddenly I saw the elevator come down," said Miss Biebe. "I shouted but it was too late. The bottom of the elevator hit him and he disappeared."
The elevator that hit Mr. Grant, was operated by Alois DeBeck, janitor. He had the elevator on the ninth floor and had started down to attend the furnace, unaware that Mr. Grant was making an inspection of the passenger elevator.
"I stopped at the seventh floor to get a box to take down to the basement," said DeBeck. "Just before I reached the fifth floor I happened to look down and I jammed on the brakes as quickly as I could, but it was too late. There was a thud. My elevator was stopped then."
Mr. Grant had dropped into the building to inquire how the elevators were running. Joe DeConinck, operator of the passenger elevator, mentioned a clicking sound at the fourth floor. He and Mr. Grant rode up and down several times, and then the latter got off at the fifth floor, instructing DeConinck to continue running the lift, while he listened for the noise.
It was while thus engaged that the elevator expert was hurled to his death. DeConinck was at the second floor when he saw the falling body.
Mr. Grant was a brother-in-law of A.E. Montgomery, president of the Montgomery Elevator company. He had been associated with the company since 1912 and for a number of years prior to that time he had worked for the Otis and Moline companies. He figured in an elevator accident a number of years ago, when Edward Corrin lost his life.
Mr. Grant was born on the Grant Homestead at Sunny Hill Nov. 5, 1867, and at death was 54 years and 14 days of age. He married Oct. 1, 1896, to Miss Anna Blair, a sister of J.B. Blair, of Orion. For a number of years they resided on the Grant farm, now owned by S.R. Jones, which he operated until eighteen years ago, when they removed to Moline, where he accepted a position with the Otis Elevator company. About nine years ago he acquired an interest in the Montgomery Elevator company, later being elected director and vice president.
The Sunny Hill school is located on land which Mr. Grant’s father donated and here Mr. Grant’s sister, Margaret, (afterwards Mrs. A.E. Montgomery), founded in 1899, the Sunny Hill Sunday school, of which Walter was later superintendent.
Surviving him are the widow, one daughter, Miss Edna Grant, a student of Augustana College, one brother, A.W. Grant, San Antonio, Texas, and one sister, Mrs. Mary Pritchard, of Long Beach, Cal. He also is survived by his aunt, Mrs. Margaret Caughey, 1616 Ninth ave., Moline, and numerous cousins in Rock Island and Henry counties.
Funeral services were held in the United Presbyterian church, of which the deceased was an elder, in Moline at 1:00 o’clock Tuesday afternoon and the remains were brought to Orion on the afternoon train, where they were met by a large company of Orion relatives and dear friends and escorted to Western Cemetery for burial.
The pall bearers were L.C. Warner, J.C. McWhinney, John J. Bell, Lyman King, Edward Martin and Frank Harris,
Mr. Grant was an upright, kind hearted and thorough gentleman and as such, won the esteem of all with whom he came in contact. He had many dear friends in this vicinity, who were sorely grieved on receipt of word of his shocking accident." [Transcribed 14 January 2008, SLJuhl RNBSC, Compiler & Genealogist;; 3810]