Moses Stacy
Birth:     Jul. 7, 1795
Hampshire County
Massachusetts, USA
Death:     Jun. 15, 1870
DuPage County
Illinois, USA

"During the War of 1812, he was guarding the Canadian border at Colbrook, New Hampshire.

History of Stacy's Tavern:

Part #1:

"The tavern that he owned was known as the "Farmer's Tavern". It was also known as the "Halfway House" because it was half way between McHenry and Chicago. He assisted the county and developed the township into school districts. At the time of his death, he owned over 300 acres.

Among the settlers flooding northern Illinois following the Black Hawk War in 1832 was Moses Stacy and his family. Stacy often opened his home as a boarding house for passing travelers so when he constructed his new home in 1846 he opened it as a wayside inn. Stage coach travelers moving between Chicago and Galena, area farmers heading to market in the Windy City and settlers moving westward further still all made use of Stacy's Tavern.

For 50 cents guests could overnight, a night which included two meals and enough hay for two horses. At the inn they could wash with water from the indoor tavern well or warm themselves near the cast-iron stove. Stacy's was limited by law to allowing only five travelers per bed. The home was built in a modified Greek revival style and the boards were milled at a nearby sawmill, Gary's Mill and the bricks were handmade.

It was the railroad that hailed the death knell of Stacy Tavern as a wayside inn. Even after the arrival of the railroad Stacy and his wife continued to use the house as their residence until Moses died in 1870 and his wife in 1899. They are buried in nearby Forest Hill Cemetery."

Part #2:

1837 Stacy's Tavern built at the Five Corners (on the south side of the Geneva Road just back of the Five Corners store) by Moses Stacy is still standing (1928), though unfit for occupation. The tavern is a framehouse, the boards of which it was built being sawed at the new saw mill at Gary Mills on the west bank of the DuPage river. Here the stage coaches stopped on their way from Chicago to Galena and Rockford. The tavern is a low, rambling, picturesque white house, with a colonial doorway facing Geneva Road. In the early days it had a sign swinging in front of it. Moses Stacy, the landlord was born in Belchertown, Hampshire County, Massachusetts in 1796. His father, also Moses Stacy, and a native of family came around the lakes in a sailing vessel from New York state in 1835. His tavern was a place of good cheer for the pioneers as they stopped on their way to Chicago with a load of grain hauled by oxen. I have heard Philo Warren Stacy (his son) say that the village was a 1837 halting place for Indians on their way to Chicago and that as many as 2,000 have camped here at a time. Many Indians found shelter for the night in the old tavern. Stacy Tavern was also called the "Halfway House" because it was half way between McHenry and Chicago. The loaded teams arrived from the west late at night and left early in the morning for Chicago."


Birth: Apr. 2, 1770 in Sturbridge, MA
Death: aft 1810 in Monson, MA


Birth: prob abt 1770-4 in Belchertown, MA
Death: aft 1800 in MA


HORACE STACY b: Dec. 27, 1797 in Belchertown, MA
CLARISSA STACY b: Mar. 18, 1793 in Belchertown, MA
LINA STACY b: May 31, 1800 in Belchertown, MA
LUCIUS STACY b: Sep. 18, 1802 in Belchertown, MA
LELA STACY b: Nov. 25, 1804 in Belchertown, MA
PAMELA STACY b: Jan. 26, 1807 in Belchertown, MA
PHILO STACY b: May 26. 1809 in Belchertown, MA
CLARK STACY b: Mar. 22, 1812 in Belchertown, MA


Birth: Mar. 15, 1730⁄1 in Killingly, CT
Death: Dec. 3, 1811 in Belchertown, MA


Birth: Feb. 4, 1731 in Watertown, MA
Death: Sep. 8, 1802 in Belchertown, MA


OLIVER STACY b: Jan. 24, 1757 in Sturbridge, MA
CALEB STACY b: Jan. 7, 1761 in Sturbridge, MA
SAMUEL STACY b: Apr. 22, 1764 in Sturbridge, MA
AARON STACY b: Jan. 3, 1773 in Sturbridge, MA
SILENCE STACY b: Jan. 23, 1763 in Sturbridge, MA
SUBMIT STACY b: Jan. 23, 1763 in Sturbridge, MA
MARK STACY b: Sep. 29, 1764 in Sturbridge, MA
ISAAC STACY b: Jan. 17, 1755 in Sturbridge, MA
JOHN STACY b: Sep. 28, 1766 in Sturbridge, MA
MOLLY STACY b: Jul. 17, 1759 in Sturbridge, MA
JOSHUA STACY b: May 1, 1776 in Sturbridge, MA
ANNA STACY b: Sep. 2, 1768 in Sturbridge, MA

***We are able to trace Moses's Stacy lineage back a few more generations to his 6th Great-Grandfather:

Thomas Stacy

•Birth: abt 1550 in Epping, Essex Co., England
•Death: May 2, 1624 in Epping, Essex Co. England


Spouse:Joann Kimball Stacy (1803 - 1889)

Moses Kimball Stacy (1827 - 1849)
Lucius Barnett Stacy (1831 - 1832)
Philo Warren Stacy (1833 - 1917)
Inscription: (1812 Soldier)
Note: He married Joann Kimball in Ludlow, Mass on 3⁄3⁄1824.

Burial: Forest Hill Cemetery
Glen Ellyn
DuPage County
Illinois, USA
Plot: Lot 9.


Research Notes:

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2. Stacy Tavern picture courtesy of Wikipedia.
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