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*JOHN SAUER*, hardware, cutlery, etc., is a native of Hiszbach, Bavaria, born in the year 1824. He received a common school education, and at the age of twelve he apprenticed to the tailor's trade and served three years, and orked as a journeyman until 1846. He then came to America, and worked at his trade in New York City for nearly three years. He then came West to Geneva, Kane Co. Ill., where he worked about five years. He then, in 1854, came to Wheaton, where he opened a clothing store and did a general tailoring business, which he continued for some twelve years, when he closed out and engaged in the hardware business, which he has continued to this day. Of late years, his son, Peter K. Sauer, has the active management of the business.

"In 1847, he married Miss Catherine Winter, a native of Hesse-Darmstadt, near Frankfort. They had eight children, six living - John P., married, lives in Wheaton; Peter K., at home; Adam J., married, lives in Kane County, Ill.; Boniface, Catherine and Elizabeth, in Kane County with their brother. Mr. Sauer has always been a Democrat, and a member of the Roman Catholic Church since his birth. He has held the office of Town Councilman of Wheaton.

"He has a farm one and one-half miles southwest of Wheaton, which he purchased some twelve years ago, and carries on by tenant.

 From ⁄History of DuPage County, Illinois⁄ (1882) by Rufus Blanchard:
excerpt from page 74 of the BIOGRAPHICAL section for MILTON TWP.

Transcribed by descendant Thomas Sauer <> (Replcae AT with @)

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