Hampton Family Cemetery

The following text is donated by Lois H. Waddington. Verna DeClerck of Aledo, IL sent me the following information about the Hampton Cemetery in Drury Twp., located along the blacktop road from New Boston to Muscatine.  It's a small cemetery with most stones dating to the second half of the 1800s.

It is just to the south side of Copperas Creek Bridge on the east side of road and back up on the hill. It can be reached by entering pasture mid-way up Hampton Hill and walking about 1⁄2 mile straight to the north.

You first see a large brown granite stone that just says HAMPTON. To the east behind it are two small stones.
       JOEL B. HAMPTON                      EMELINE J. HAMPTON

      Aug. 13, 1838                        July 28, 1840
      Sept. 9, 1909                        Nov. 9, 1923

These two are side by side and glazed granite and match the large stone. They were evidently put in after death of either Joel or Emeline.

 All other stones are much older limestone type. They are so corroded, black and worn off that it is impossible to read them. They have been broken off of bases and moved around by cattle. Some have probably rolled down the hill to the ditch and been buried. Cedar trees have grown up covering the stones also.

 There was a rock near these two tht might have been a virgin or angel statue about one foot tall. It looked as if maybe had a robe on, couldn't really make out a face, has been knocked off base and lying face down.

 There are also some other slabs with printing we could not make out.

 A 3 ft. tall slab style, limestone for      WM. H., son of J.N. & M. Hampton      (Jasper N. and Maria?)

     d. Apr. 23, 1864 aged 3 yrs. 4 mos., 20 days.

We think it said "Our boy on earth a little, while in heaven forever"      MARY HAMPTON

     Dec. 10, 1867
     Dec. 4, 1887
     LEONARD BLANCHARD                     (child of Mary H. and Franklin
     1887-1888                             Blanchard?)

There was another stone beside this which we could not make out. It started with a W or U? died in 1871. Earl Hampton's record of 1984 listed a Wm H. Biyers ? born or died April 11, 1871.      HENRY HAMPTON

     Died Feb. 13, 1871 or 1874 (most likely 1874, see below)
     Aged 66 yrs. and 9 days

Date of birth on stone was difficult to read, could be 1871 or 1874. I believe 1874 is correct for two reasons: He supposedly was born in 1808 according to the Rock Island Census of 1850 and His will was probated in 1874. We didn't find Parmelia's (Henry's wife) unless it was a flat dark grey, very mildewed and corroded stone near Wm. Henry's.

 Henry's was a limestone maybe 3 foot tall stone with 4 sides. It was knocked off its base. We rolled it over & on next side was printed as below:      Mary Endicott

     Dau of                                 (Henry and Parmelia?)
     H & P HAMPTON
     d. Jan. 11, 1861
     Age 19 years 9 mos. 18 days
     Riley, son                             (grandson of Henry & Parmelia?)
     d. Oct 5, 1861
     Age 4 yrs. 9 mos. 8 days

(This is very difficult to read and may not be correct. Mary Endicott married in 1860 and was not yet 20 when she died in 1861. The Census of 1860 shows a one year old Riley living with Henry and Parmelia HAMPTON, so either the year of Riley's death or his age is probably mis-read.)

 Don't know whether other sides contain printing or not, they are so mildewed and worn.      INFANT DAUGHTER                        EVERETT HAMPTON

     Nov. 11, 1862                          Jan. 30, 1960
     Nov. 11, 1862                          April 7, 1861

These were side by side. Joel and Emeline listed Evart deceased. Maybe these are both Joel and Emeline's. This would account for six children listed in Emeline's obit.      MARY B. ENDICOTT

Couldn't read anymore on it. Was another stone near this also unreadable. Could this be Mary and Henry P. Endicott, husband and wife, parents of Riley?      ELLA  wife of C. A. Freise

     d. March 23, 1884
     Age 25 years, 1 mo. & 12 days

Earliest burial we could make out was daughter of H. & P. Hampton and Everett, 1861 and 1862.

 The last burial was Emeline 1923.

 I hope the above will be helpful. It would be wonderful if someone would clean up the cemetery and gravestones. They might even find some more down in the ditch!

 Note: Lois H. Waddington sent this information to the Rock Island ILGenWeb Project in May 1997. In July 1997 she updated some errors and added the following note:

The new owners of this land are named Starkweather. They do not have any cattle grazing there. They say they plan to clean up the cemetery and put a fence around it. The ravine on the left side and the back is very steep and terribly overgrown.