Almeda Landon Naper

Laid to rest Feb. 10th, in the hallowed precints of our love and tears, another of the century's mother, Mrs. Almeda Naper.  In this death the pretty little village of Naperville has lost one of the spirits that christened it, and in each release of a pioneer spirit do we see the removal of the cordon of time.
The maiden name of Mrs. Naper was Almeda Landon.  She was born in Salisbury, Conn, sept. 25th, 1800; was married to Capt. Joseph Naper, in Buffalo, in August, 1823, and came to Illinois in 1831, where she resided until the wave of her life broke, and she passed to her Savior, February 6th, 1885.
The death of Capt. Naper in 1862 left her long a widow, and one by one six of their seven children passed through the gates leaving that sacred legacy, ministry to declining years, to the love of her only surviving son, Mr. Wm. Naper and her devoted daughter-in-law, Mrs.Julia Naper.  A tender watch, faithfully kept.
 Mrs. Naper was a member of the Episcopal church, in this village.  Her retiring spirit led her to recoil within the sanctum of her own home sphere, but the many friends who met her there will not forget her pure charity and gentleness of spirit; while there yet live those who recount with gratitude the beneficence of her pioneer life.
Submitted by Judy Fessler and Polly Hitt




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