Obituary- Guy Ellis Sabin Naperville, IllinoisGuy Ellis Sabin

Death of Guy Sabin
       On last Thursday morning a message came to friends in this village of the death of Guy Sabin, a former resident of Naperville, but late of Jonesborough, Tennessee.  But the fact was not fully realized until Saturday morning, when Mrs. N. C. Knickerbacker received a letter from Mrs. S. J. Rhea, who is at present in Jonesborough, visiting her mother.
       The following extract confirming the sad death, may be of interest to his, and his wife's many friends in this village:
   "Dear Cousin- You probably have heard by telegram of the death of Mr. Guy Sabin.  I know your heart is here and you are mourning the sad intelligence.  I wish you were here to help and comfort us;  but there is nothing now to do.  The noble, manly form lies in the parlor in a beautiful casket, natural as if asleep, friends and neighbors come and go, and look with sympathy of the beloved face, and every man, woman, and child as they go out must whisper in their hearts, 'He died for us.'  In the other room is Nannie with the children, bathed in tears...
   "Between two and three o'clock this Wednesday morning the courthouse bell rang and the sky was lurid with a great fire.  In the spring Mr. Sabin had organized a Fire Company and bought an engine, and when the bell rang, he arose, and told his boys to lie still and be good boys, until Papa came back.
   "As Mr. Sabin was always leader in every good effort to benefit his neighbors, he ascended the ridge of an adjoining house to protect it, and fell to the ground, breaking his neck and dying instantly, a painless and glorious release for him and an abundant entrance.  But oh, for the wife and children, how hard!  how terrible!  Mr. Sabin was the very rarest and noblest specimen of Christian manhood in every respect, he leaves a fragrant memory, many friends, and no enemies."
   Guy Sabin, having been born in this village, and living here from childhood to manhood, will be remembered by most of us.  The teachers and former students of North-Western College will remember him as being one of their number for three years or over, and whosoever was fortunate enough to form his acquaintance will remember him as a young man of high, moral principles;  having always a good word and pleasant greeting for every one.  His Christian manhood, his love for the Master and His cause, his love for his fellow men, whether high or low, rich or poor, white or black, made him their firm friend.
   He leaves a widow and five children.  His wife was Miss Nannie Sevier of Jonesborough, Tenn.  She was a niece of the late Rev. J. W. Cunningham [of Naperville], and a graduate of North-Western College.  She was a worthy woman and has met with an overwhelming loss.
Guy Ellis Sabin 1853-1888
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