Lucy Cunningham Porter

PORTER - Mrs. Lucy Porter, wife of W. C. Porter, D.D., died Feb. 7 at Fort Scott, Kan., where Dr. Scott pastor-emeritus  of First church, after a pastorate there of thirty-five years. The life of Mrs. Porter was as ---dew --- (edge of the article are cut off)  Israel - her presence was silent, refreshed as the dew and beautiful as when the sun shines on the grass reflecting the glory of the sun. Her un-ostentatious charities and deeds of love were a natural expression of her character.  Her little gifts of delicacies for the sick were a matter of course to her while her night watches by the sick and dying live in the memory of grateful friends.  Incidentally and only to a few were known those quiet trips to the homes. During the black financial days of 1873, and for thirty years, prayer meetings at the little reed organ, leading the singing with well-trained voice and hands.  If during those years there was any antagonism ofr friction it was never known, and she had always the gentle word and soothing balm to apply to the sore heart or wounded spirit.  Mrs. Porter, though never exuberant in manner, carried in her calm eyes that look of peace which comes from close communion with God.

NOTE:  Lucy Cunningham Porter was born March 15, 1844,  in Jonesborough, Tennessee, the daughter of  Rev. Dr. John W. Cunningham and Elizabeth Sevier, of Washington County and Greene County, Tennessee.  Dr. Cunningham was an early Presbyterian minister in Jonesborough, Tennessee and other East Tennessee cities.  His last pastorate was the Congregational church in Naperville, Illinois.

Lucy married Rev. William Clay Porter, Presbyterian minister,  Nov. 27, 1866 in Naperville, Illinois. Rev. Porter was the son of  Rev. Johnathon Porter, Presbyterian minister in Naperville and other northeast Illinois cities.  Dr. W. C. Porter's last pastorate was in Fort Scott, Kansas, which was the place of Lucy's death on February 7, 1909.  She is buried with her family in Naperville Cemetery.

This file was contributed for use by the DuPage County ILGenWeb Project  by Pat Sabin. Slowly transcribed from photocopy of original published obituary by Pat Sabin, January 18, 2013

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