York (Torode) Cemetery
The cemetery was an authentic pioneer cemetery.  The Torode family settled in York Township at⁄near the present southern boundary of Elmhurst, at York Road.  The cemetery was located on the west bank of Salt Creek, just north of present 22nd Street.  I don’t think the burials went above 50 persons by 1960 when the remains were disinterred.  Your guess is pretty good; it was both neglected and paved.  The cemetery was a non-issue until the Oak Brook area began to be developed.  Tollway construction also came through the neighborhood.  Developers decided to acquire the cemetery, move the graves, and now a business subdivision named “Enterprise Drive” stands in its place.  All that remains are some wild cemetery flowers, growing along the creek.  Most of the remains went to Clarendon Hills Cemetery.  Lass than a dozen went to the “Butler” family plot in OakBrook (on Bronswood’s southern boundary).
 The Torode home, built with area limestone, was pulled down for the improvement of Roosevelt Road, and the improvement⁄relocation of York Road.  That limestone came from Torode’s own quarry, located just south of Harger Road and north of the cemetery, which by 1960 had filled with water and was a swimming hole.  Tollway construction filled in the quarry, and the Tollway runs across the top.

Information contributed by C. J. Elonich, May 2013
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