George Cunningham

First part missing� The son in Chicago was sick, and the others because of distance were unable to be present. The sickness was very brief, three days of suffering from pneumonia. He died at the home of Harry Johnson, April 17th, 1895. Mr. Cunningham was a splendid mechanic. He was a quiet, unassuming man, kindly in his nature and respected citizen, Best of all, he was a man of prayer and faith in God. That trust that drove him to God in prayer no doubt was linked with saving faith. God will not fail those who trust in Him. An impressive feature of his prayers as overheard in the home where he stayed, was the tender solicitude for his children and loved ones. He mentioned each by name. The tomb is to be our final home, the home of each of us, the home of all. Therefore let us live each hour of life as though the next was to be the last. The funeral services were held at the M. E. church Thursday afternoon. Rev. A. R. Beall was assisted by Rev. H. Hanson, who, during his long residence here, had conducted or assisted at the burial of Mr. Cunningham�s father and mother and all the deceased members of his family. Note: Mr. George Cunningham was born 23 Feb 1817 and died 17 Apr 1895 No source Submitted by Peggy Carey