George T. Pearce 

From the Portrait and biographical record of Hancock, McDonough and Henderson counties, Illinois : containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county (1894)
May, 1894. Lake City Publishing Co. GEORGE THOMAS PEARCE, one of the prominent farmers and extensive property owners of Henderson County, now living on section 35, Gladstone Township, was born in Warren County, Ill., on the 1st of July, 1855, and is a representative of one of the earliest families of that county. His father, Andrew G. Pearce, was born in Champaign County, Ohio, in 1816. The latter' s father, Thomas Pearce, was a native of Holland, and his mother of Ireland. Emigrating to this country, they lived for a time in the Buckeye State, but afterwards settled in Warren County, where they spent their remaining days. They lived to quite an advanced age, and were buried at Berwick. A. G. Pearce became a resident of Warren County in 1832. At the age of twenty-two he began preaching, and continued in the work of the ministry until 1837, when he was forced to abandon it, for his voice had failed him. He married Eliza Powers, daughter of Aaron Powers, who, with his wife, emigrated to Warren County, where they both lived to a ripe old age, and when they passed away were laid to rest in Greenbush cemetery. By the union of Mr. and Mrs. Pearce were born four children: Mrs. Mattie J. Lattimer, Theodore C, Mrs. Mary C. Brooks and George T. of this sketch. Upon the old home farm in his native county our subject spent the days of his boyhood and youth, attending the common schools through the winter season, and aiding in the labors of the farm during the summer months. After arriving at years of maturity, he was married, on the 13th of June, 1882, the lady of his choice being Miss Man? A. Brook, who was born in Henderson County, July 24, 1853, and is a daughter of Isaiah J. and Jennie Brook. Her father was a native of Ohio, and in an early day emigrated westward. He took up his residence in Henderson County, and entered the land on which our subject now resides. Here he successfully carried on farming until his death, which occurred in August, 1891. His wife still survives him, and has reached the age of seventy-five years. Five children grace the union of Mr. and Mrs. Pearce: Jessie B., born May 26, 1884; Edwin G., January 1, 1886; Jennie E., June 30, 1887; Hugh M., June 6, 1889; and Lora M., September 29, 1892. Mr. Pearce is recognized as one of the progressive and enterprising farmers and stock-raisers of Henderson County, and this reputation is well deserved. He is now the owner of five hundred and twenty acres of valuable land all in one body, and one hundred and sixty acres in Warren County . This is under a high state of cultivation, and, in consequence, yields to him a good income. He has engaged in the raising of cattle on quite an extensive scale, and this has to him proved a profitable venture. In his political views, Mr. Pearce has always been a stalwart Republican, and warmly advocates the principles of his party. He has always lived either in Warren or Henderson County, and has therefore a wide acquaintance throughout this part of the State. His well-spent life has gained him universal confidence and esteem, and throughout the community he has many friends.