Olena Cemetery

This cemetery is an old cemetery, but not so far off the beaten path as some others. When I originally took pictures in this cemetery, I was not working on this web site, so not all stones are represented and PLEASE do not rely on my information. As I get time, I will get back down and finish up taking pictures and will try to get more complete information on the pictures that I am currently posting.

Cornelious Bice

Cornelious Son of D. and N. Bice Died ? sorry the stone is covered here.

Grave Marker for Cornelious Bice

Maria Bice

Maria Bice Wife of D. Bice Died Aug. 21, 1846 Aged 42 Y? 4 M. 22 D.

Grave Marker for Maria Bice

Sarah Bice

Sarah E. Daughter of D. and M. Bice Died ? Sorry, but the rest of the stone is under ground

Grave Marker for Sarah Bice

William H. Bice

Erected by his daughter in Memory of William H. Bice Died Apr. 3, 1877 Aged 40? Yrs. 6 Mos 23 Ds.

Grave Marker for William Bice

Charles and Zilpha Brown

Charles Brown Born Feb. 12, 1830

Zilpha his Wife Born June 3, 18?? Died Aug. 27, 1896

Grave Marker for Charles Brown

Joseph and Ruth Browning

Joseph K. 1873-1915

Ruth E. 1878-1967

Grave Marker for Joseph and Ruth Browning

Herman and Nancy Burrell

Father Herman O. Burrell 1859-1941

Mother Nancy E. 1860-1945

Grave Marker for Herman and Nancy Burrell

Edna L. Butts

Mother Edna L Russell Wife of Albert L. Butts 1890-1961

Grave Marker for Edna L. Butts

Andrew Carothers

Andrew Carothers Died Dec. 23, 1847 In the 55th Year of his Life.

Grave Marker for Andrew Carothers

Conley G ?

Conley G. ? Son 1912-?

Grave Marker for Conley G. ?

M? Dobbin

M.? Dobbin born July 5, 1805 Died Feb. 9? 1892

Mahitabel Wife of M. Dobbin Died July 20, 1885 Aged 31 Y 2 M. 5 D.

Grave Marker for M? Dobbin

Margaret and Ellen Finney

Margaret Finney 1830-1911

Ellen Finney 1856-1928

Grave Marker for Margaret and Ellen Finney

Elisabeth Harper

Elisabeth Wife of James M. Harper Born ?

Grave Marker for Elisabeth Harper

Wallace and Jessie Hise

Jessie Browning ?29, 1915-? 13, 1988

Wallace David Mar 30, 1914-July 23, 1982-

Grave Marker for Wallace and Jessie Hise

Emily Long

Emily Long 1859-1929

Emily is my Great Great Great Grandmother. She was actually Emmeline Brown and married Park Reed. After his death, she married Jonathan Long.

Grave Marker for Emily Long

Jonathan P. Long

Jonathan P. Long Co. E 10 Ill. Inf.

Jonathan P. Long is my Great Great Great Grandfather. He was born in Warren County Kentucky. He arrived in Henderson County Illinois in the late 1840's. He actually served with two different units during the Civil war.

Grave Marker for Jonathan Long

Joseph L. ?

Joseph L. ? Son 1910-1965 It looks as though it says something about a World War at the bottom

Grave Marker for Joseph L. ?

Vernon Long

Vernon Long Born July 19, 1889-

I am not positive at this point, but am almost certain that Vernon is the grandson of Jonathan and Emily long posted above. He married Cora Kimmit

Grave Marker for Vernon Long

Fanny Mains

Fanny Mains Wife of John Mains Died Dec. 12, 1863 In the 59th? Year of her life

Grave Marker for Fanny Mains

John Mains

John Mains Veteran War 1812

Grave Marker for John Mains

Hannah and Infant Marshall

Hannah Marshall Wife of E. W. Marshall Died Nov. 10, 1870 Aged 32 Years ? Mos. 20 Days

Also ? Infant Daughter Died Nov. 8, 1870

Grave Marker for Hannah Marshall

Robert W. Marshall

Robert W. Marshall Feb. 15, 1832-June 10, 1915

Grave Marker for Robert W. Marshall

William Marshall

Wm. Marshall Died Feb. 27, 1890 Aged 24. Y 4 M. 18 D.

Grave Marker for William Marshall

Eliza McChesney

Eliza McChesney Died ? Sorry, bottom of stone is under ground.

Grave Marker for Eliza McChesney

George and Laura B. McChesney

George M Son of A. E. and M. McChesney Died Feb. 8 18??

Laura B. Daughter of A. E. and M. McChesney Died Born Dec. 4, 1877 Died March 14, 1895

Grave Marker for George and Laura McChesney

Infant Son McChesney

Infant Son of W.L.M. and J. McChesney Born and Died Dec. 5, 1862

Grave Marker for Infant Son McChesney

James McChesney

James McChesney Died Sept. 16, 1851 Aged 85 Yrs. ? Mos. ? dys.

Grave Marker for James McChesney

Jane McChesney

Jane McChesney Died April 22, 1868 Aged 33 years 2 Mos 9 or 29 Days

Grave Marker for Jane McChesney

Nathaniel Maguny McChesney

Nathaniel Maguny McChesney Son of Wm. H. and J. McChesney Died May 8, 1873 Aged 9 years 1 Mos. 8 Days

Grave Marker for Nathaniel McChesney

Dean Ivan Mcintyre

Dean Ivan McIntyre Illinois PFC 146 ARMD SIG Co. 6 Div Korea PH May 21, 1929-Oct. 17, 1952

Grave Marker for Dean Ivan McIntyre

Ralph and Eva Mcintyre

Eva B. 1903-2005

Ralph D. 1902-1982

Grave Marker for Ralph and Eva McIntyre

Marie J. Mehaffy

Marie J. Mehaffy1908-1991

Grave Marker for Marie J. Mehaffy

Mother Martha

Mother Martha ? July 28, 1894?-Oct. 16, 1925

Grave Marker for Mother Martha

Joseph Nebergall

Meet Me in Heaven Joseph Nebergall Died Jan ? 1880 In the ? Year of His Age

Grave Marker for Joseph Nebergall

Joseph Carl Nebergall

Joseph Carl Nebergall Infant son of J and L Nebergall

Grave Marker for Joseph Carl Nebergall

James Patterson

II June 27, 1901-Feb. 21, 1976

Grave Marker for James Patterson

William Porter

William D. Son of ? and E. Porter Died ? Sorry, but the rest of this stone is under the ground.

Grave Marker for William Porter

Ira Putney

Ira Putney Died April 25, 1872 Aged 20 Years

Grave Marker for Ira Putney

? Putney

? Wife of ? Putney Born Feb. 18, 1802 Died Nov. 29, 1887

Grave Marker for ? Putney

Charles, Mary and Janette Russell

Father Charles H. July 22, 1892-April 18, 1895

Mother Mary A. Aug 8, 1897-Nov 1, 1988

Infant Janette Aug. 3, 1922

Grave Marker for Charles, Mary and Janette Russell

Fred Russell

Fred Russell 1885-1958

Grave Marker for Fred Russell

Sanford and A. Margaret Russel2

Sanford or Samford Russel2 or Russell Nov.22, 1856-July ? 19, 1920

Alice? Margaret ??02-1898?

Grave Marker for Fred Russell

Ollie V. Totten

Ollie V. Dau Of W. and E. ? 21, 1888 -Mar. 17, 1900

Grave Marker for Ollie Totten

Charles Austin Vail

Charles Austin Vail Illinois tec5 1302 Engr GS Regt. World War II March 19, 1907-April 20, 1956

Grave Marker for Charles Austin Vail

Elisha Watson

Husband of Marilla Elisha Watson Nov. 27, 1793-Oct. 19, 1859

Grave Marker for Elisha Watson

Elisha Watson

Elisha Watson Died Oct. 19, 1859 The rest is below ground. The newer version of this stone is posted right above this one.

Grave Marker for Elisha Watson

Jason Lee Watson

Jason Lee Watson Son of Joseph and Mary Watson Who was Born March 9, 1829 and was killed in battle of Vicksburg Mississippi the 22nd of May 1863

He sleeps in a Patriots grave where he fell a martyr, for his country

Grave Marker for Jason Watson

Joseph Watson

Joseph Watson Born Feb. 23, 1801 Died March 9, 1874

Grave Marker for Joseph Watson

Mary Watson

Mary Wife of Joseph Watson Died Oct. 1, 1839 Aged 41 Years 6 Months 0? Days

Grave Marker for Mary Watson

Martha White

Martha White Wife of S. White Died March 4, 1843 Aged 33 Yrs. 9 Mos. 22 Ds.

Grave Marker for Martha White

Stephen White

Stephen White Died Jan. 23, 1873 Aged 20 Yrs. 2 Mos.

Grave Marker for Stephen White

William Wooldridge?

William A. Son of V.S. and M. J. Wooldridge Died Oct. 2, 185?

Grave Marker for William Wooldridge?


This stone is almost totally under ground.

Grave Marker for Unknown person


Unknown. I am unable to read this inscription on the picture. I will need to go down and see if I can get an impression.

Grave Marker for Unknown