Reed Cemetery

Reed Cemetery is located along US Route 164 between Monmouth and Oquakwa Illinois, at the location where the Reed Methodist Episcopal Church used to stand.

These pictures were taken at Reed Cemetery several years ago. I was not working on this site at the time, so was mainly taking the pictures in hopes that I would get one for all of my potential family members.

I have cropped the pictures and in some cases, I have lightened them in an effort to make them easier to read. For those with low vision, I have attempted to write an inscription above each picture.

I will make a trip back down there soon, to try to make certain that I have the names and information correct, but at the time of my original visit, I only took the pictures without actually trying to decode or record information.

I know that some people have a dial up internet connection that can take forever to load pictures, so as I get them done, I will post a small thumbnail image for each grave Marker, once that is done you can then click on the thumbnail to get to the larger version of the picture.

Reed Cemetery Pictures

This first picture is the sign along the highway for Reed Cemetery

Reed Cemetery Sign

Reed Cemetery Marker

This picture is the Cemetery with the dedication Marker that states "Reed Cemetery and site of Reed M.E. Church."

Reed Dedication Marker

View of Reed Cemetery

This is just a view of the cemetery as you pull into the site.

Reed Cemetery

George and Mary Baldwin

George Baldwin Co. B 88 or 83 Ill. Vol. Inf. 1830-1911 Mary A. Olmsted His Wife 1829-Uncarved

Grave Marker for George Baldwin

John and Isabella Berresford

John Berresford Born 1783 Died 1868 His Wife Isabella Born 1787 Died 1870

Grave Marker for John and Isabella Berresford

Clarence and Mona Blackman

Blackman, Mona Marie 1887-1955 Clarence A.1884-1952

Grave Marker for Clarence and Mona Blackman

Feriba Jane Bridges

Feriba Jane Bridges 1859-1944

Grave Marker for Feriba Bridges

Rev. S. F. Bridges

Rev. S. F. Bridges 1853-1919

Grave Marker for Rev. S. F. Bridges

Mary J. Burns

Mary J. Wife of MVT? Burns Died Sept. 21, 1860 Aged 20 Yrs. 6 Mos. 7Ds.

Grave Marker for Mary J. Burns

George F. Brown

George F. Brown Son of G. W. and Nancy Died May 4, 1874 Aged 5 Yrs 11 Ms 4 Ds

Grave Marker for George F. Brown

Roy A. Brown

At Rest Roy A. Brown Born Dec. 10, 1873 Died Feb. 26, 1896

Grave Marker for Roy Brown

Russell Clayton

At Rest Russell Clayton Son of J. D. or J. O. and M. J. Clayton Born Sept. 4, 1881 Died Sept. 10, 1891

Grave Marker for Russell Clayton

Jesse Craig

Jesse Craig Died June 30, 1853 aged 25 Y 2 M 12 D

Grave Marker for Jesse Craig

John L. Davis

John L. Davis Died Aug 4, 1878 Aged ?

Grave Marker for John Davis

Alanson Day

Alanson Day

Grave Marker for Alanson Day?

Adie Duvall

Adie? Duvall Daughter of William and Lizzie? died Aug 22, 1875? aged 8 ds?

Grave Marker for Adie Duvall

Ida M. Duvall

Ida M. or Ida May?

Grave Marker for Ida M. or May Duvall

Imm Duvall

Emm or Imm Duvall?

Grave Marker for Emm? or Imm? Duvall

Mary Fair and Brother Archibald Findley

This picture is an example of a very old grave marker that has had a newer more legible marker added beneath it. Mary Fair Findley and Baby. Wife and Son of E.W. Findley. 1838-1868

Brother Archibald Fair 1837-1864 Buried Nearby

Grave Marker for Mary Findley

Hugh and Mahala Haines

Hugh Haines Born Jan. 18, 1854 Died Jan. 23, 1899

His Wife Mahala Jackson Born June 20, 1848 Died Oct. 12, 1905 Also the wife of W. Russell

Grave Marker for Hugh and Mahala Haines

Warren Hays

Warren Hayes, Co. K. 26 Ill. Inf.

Grave Marker for Waren Hayes

Warren and Maria Hays

Warren E. Hays August 22. 1838-Feb 21, 1908 and

Maria J. Brown Hays Dec 27, 1829-Jan 23, 1911

Grave Marker for Warren E. Hays and Maria J. Brown Hays

Sarah A. Howe

Sarah A. wife of William Howe died April 11, 1880 aged 58? years

Grave Marker for Sarah Howe

?? Hulbert

???asmus D. Hulbert Who Died- Sorry, this stone is broken off and only half of it is sticking up out of the ground.

Grave Marker for ??asmus D. Hulbert

J. J. Hulbert

J. J. Hulbert Died ? 13, 1865 Aged 56 Yrs.

Grave Marker for J. J. Hulbert

Mary E. Hulick

Mary E. Dau of JAs and E.F. Hulick Dates can't be read well as the stone is broken in half.

Grave Marker for Mary Hulick

Son of Hulick

Son of J and E Hulick Died June 29, 1856?

Grave Marker for Mary Hulick

Peter V. Hulit

Peter V. Hulit Son of C. and S. Hulit 1844-1912

Grave Marker for Peter Hulit

Adda Huss

Adda Daughter of Mr and Mrs Wm. Huss 1893-1894

Grave Marker for Huss

Jacob and Mary Keener

Jacob Keener Dec. 30, 1824-Feb. 20, 1901

Mary Smeltzer His Wife April 25, 1822-June 17, 1906

Grave Marker for Jacob and Mary Keener

Elizabeth Littlefield

Elizabeth Littlefield Died 1849???

Grave Marker for Elizabeth Littlefield

Frankie M. Lukins

Frankie M. Lukins son of JM and E Died Jan 31, 1877 aged 5 M 25 Ds

Grave Marker for Unlegible Lukins

Elizabeth Mickey

Elizabeth Daughter of J and M. Mickey Died Oct 17, 1865 Aged 20Y 11M 1 D

Grave Marker for Daughter of L. and M. Mickey

Jonathan Mickey

Jonathan Mickey Died Feb. 19, 1882 Aged 66 Yrs. 19 Ds. Rest in peace

Grave Marker for Jonathan Mickey

Geo. W Mitchell

It looks as though it says Geo W. Mitchell. Died Sept. 14, 1875Aged 24 Yrs 4 Ms 29 Ds

Grave Marker for Geo W. Mitchell

Catherine Mitchell and Amos Haines

On the Haines Mitchell Marker. Mother Catherine Mitchell Dec 17, 1819-June 26, 1898 and on the side of the marker it states

Amos Haines Dec. 5, 1813-Aug. 15, 1855

Grave Marker for Catherine Mitchell and Amos Haines

Minnie E. Mitchell

Minnie E. Wife of E B. Mitchell born July 4, 1859 Died Feb. 28, 1887

Grave Marker for Minnie E. Mitchell

Father and Mother Olmsted

Our Father and Mother Olmsted

Grave Marker stating our father and mother

Jane Olmsted

Jane Olmsted Died Jan. 24, 1883? Aged 75Y 9M 10 D

Grave Marker for Jane Olmsted

Lewis S. Olmsted

Lewis S. Olmsted Died Jan. 4, 1886 Aged Looks like 80 Yrs 1 Mo 29 D

Grave Marker for Lewis S. Olmsted

Malinda Owens

Malinda Dau of S and E Owens Died Aug 27 1853 Age 1 Y 23 Ds

Grave Marker for Malinda Owens

James O. Palmer

James O. Son of G. W. and Sarah Palmer Aug ? 186? Aged ?

Grave Marker for James Palmer

Wilkinson Palmer

Wilkinson Palmer died ?

Grave Marker for Wilkinson Palmer

George W. Pence

Father George W. Pence 1835-1933 Co. E. 7 Ia. Inf.

Grave Marker for George Pence

Jessie M. Pence

Jessie M. Pence Died Oct. 21, 1878 11M ? D.

Grave Marker for Jessie Pence

Samuel Pence

Samuel Pence Died Aug. 1, 1859 aged 51 Y 9 M 3 D

Grave Marker for Samuel Pence

Salnira Pence

Gone but not forgotten Salnira J. Pence wife of G.W. Pence Died June 2, 1884 aged 41 Ys.1 Mo and 23 or 28 Ds.

Grave Marker for Salnira Pence

John and Mary Peoples

John Peoples Born 1812 Died 1899

His Wife Mary Berresford Born 1825 Died 1913

Grave Marker for John and Mary Peoples

Thomas H., and Wm Peoples

Thomas H. Peoples Son of J and M Peoples Born 1865 Died 1866 Wm Peoples 1866-1915

Grave Marker for Thomas Peoples and Wm Peoples

Bennett Kyle and Mary Pullen

Bennett Kyle Pullen Jan. 12, 1846-July 16, 1917 and

Mary Woodson Pullen Nov. 18 1870-Oct. 4, 1942

Grave Marker for Bennett and Mary Pullen

Mary Woodson Pullen

Mary Woodson Pullen 1870-1942 Turnbulls Funeral Home Marker

Grave Marker for Mary Pullen

Benjamin F. Reed

Benjamin F.Reed Died Aug 24, 1869 Aged 28 Yrs.?

Grave Marker for Benjamin Reed

Clara E. and Lela F. Reed

At Rest Clara E. Reed Aug 10, 1883-Sept. 1884

Lela F. May 7, 1886?-April 9, 1889

Children of S.M. and H. E. Reed For those with low vision, please note that these names are located on the side of this marker.

Grave Marker for Clara and Lela Reed

Franklin Nelson Reed

Franklin Nelson Reed Illinois 2 Lieut. 10 Field Arty. 3 Div. World War I SS March 12, 1876-Sept. 28, 1948

Grave Marker for Franklin Reed

George W. Reed

George W. Reed Son of J. and J. Reed Died March 24, 1854 Aged 21 Yrs. 1 Mo. 14 Ds

Grave Marker for George Reed

James, Ella and Elvira Reed

James Reed Nov. 8, 1829-Dec. 9, 1864

Margaret A. His wife Mar. 28, 1831-Sept. 13, 1916

Elvira A. Their Dau. Oct. 23, 1863-Jan 6, 1865

Grave Marker for James, Margaret and Elivara Reed

William J. and Sarah Reed

William J. Reed March 17, 1828-July 24, 1912 and

Sarah E. Reed Jan 29, 1837-Jan 12, 1903

Grave Marker for William and Sarah

Mary Frances Reed

On the Reed Family Stone Mary Francis Aug. 27, 1858-Sept. 18, 1858

Grave Marker for Mary Francis Reed

James Henry Reed

On the Reed Family Stone. James Henry May 29, 1855-Sept. 14, 1856

Grave Marker for James Henry Reed

Front of Reed Stone

This is the front of the marker for the below Reed Family

Grave Marker for Reed Family

Samuel Merrifield and Harried Elizabeth Reed

Samuel Merrifield Reed March 27, 1839-Nov. 24, 1907

his wife Harriet Elizabeth Aug. 7, 1851-Sept. 29, 1930

Grave Marker for Samuel and Harriet Reed

James, Everett and Terry Reed

James Boone Reed April 25, 1878-May 22, 1934

Everett Gilmer Feb. 29, 1916-Nov. 2, 1994 LTC U.S.A.F.

Terry Michael Reed Jan. 22, 1945-June 24, 1969 Lt. U.S.A.F. K.I.A. Vietnam

Grave Marker for James, Everette and Terry Reed

John Reed

John Reed Died Aug 27, 1861 Aged 62 Yrs 10 Ms. 10 Ds.

Juliet Reed or Julie T. Reed Wife of John Reed Died Dec. 14, 1844 Aged 40 Yrs. 1 Mo. 3 Ds.

Grave Marker for John and Juliet Reed

George W. Robbins

My Great Grandfather George W. Robbins april 20, 1866-Aug. 14, 1913

Juliet Reed or Julie T. Reed Wife of John Reed Died Dec. 14, 1844 Aged 40 Yrs. 1 Mo. 3 Ds.

Grave Marker for George Robbins

Bottom of Robbins Family Stone

This is the bottom of the marker for the Robbins Family. I believe that this may have been an original marker and when the parents later got their tree marker, they also got a small log looking stone for each of these children.

Grave Marker for Robbins

H. L. Robbins

H. L. 1 Year The rest looks as though it may be a second entry on this side for M. I. then 3 05

Grave Marker for H. L. Robbins

Infant Robbins

Infant Dau. Robbins

Grave Marker for Infant Dau. Robbins

J. H. Robbins

J. H. 16 Yrs.

Grave Marker for J. H. Robbins

M. A. Robbins

M. A. 15 Yrs

Grave Marker for M. A. Robbins

Robbins Tree Marker

This is a photo from a distance of a marker that looks like a tree. It is for the parents of the Robbins family and the children all have small log looking markers placed beneath the tree.

Grave Marker for Robbins Family

Rankin and Emmer Robbins

This is the Marker for my great, great grandparents Rankin Robbins Oct. 30, 1831-Sept. 22, 1905

his wife Emmer Feb. 19, 1838-Aug. 4, 1918. Rankin was the son of Ezekiel Robbins and Nancy Drugers and was born in Indiana. Emmer was the daughter of James Adams and his wife Eliza (buried in Cumberland Cemetery Henderson County) born North Pirehall, Burslim, Staffordshire, England. Her parents died soon after reaching Henderson County.

Grave Marker for Rankin and Emmer Robbins

Baby Robbins

Baby Robbins Feb. 14, 1885

Grave Marker for Baby Robbins

Father Robbins

This is one of the little log looking markers for the Robbins family. It simply states Father.

Grave Marker for Father Robbins

James Robbins

James Robbins Apr. 5, 1874-May 16, 1891

Grave Marker for James Robbins

John Robbins

John Robbins Feb. 9, 1860-June 8, 1876

Grave Marker for John Robbins

Mother Robbins

This is one of the little log looking markers for the Robbins family. It simply states Mother.

Grave Marker for Mother Robbins

Matilda Robbins

Matilda Robbins May 2, 1872-Jan 22, 1887

Grave Marker for Matilda Robbins

Daniel Roberts

Daniel Roberts Died May 28, 1879 Aged 70 Yrs. 2 Mos. 2 Ds.

Grave Marker for Daniel Roberts

Charles E. Roszell

Charles E. Son of J. and L.A. Roszell Died Aug. 24, 1853 Aged 5 Mos. 17 Ds.

Grave Marker for Charles Roszell

Laura A. Roszell

Laura A. Wife of J. Roszell Died Oct. 20, 1853 Aged 27 Yrs. 11 Ms. 7 Ds.

She's gone: and as she left the world, She bade her friends farewell, And told them not to weep for her, With Christ she soon would dwell.

Grave Marker for Laura Roszell

Birdie Sage

Birdie Sage This one is buried in the ground and the only numbers you can make out say 1895

Grave Marker for Birdie Sage

Charles Sergent

Father Charles Sergent Served in War of 1812

Grave Marker for Charles Sergent

Mother Isabell Sergent

Mother Isabell Sergent Erected by Emma Z. Cooper

Grave Marker for Mother Isabell Sergent

Sister Isabell Sergent

Sister Isabell Sergent

Grave Marker for Sister Isabell Sergent

John Sergent

Brother John Sergent

Grave Marker for John Sergent

Theodore Sergent

Brother Theodore Sergent

Grave Marker for Theordore Sergent

Lieuella W. Snodgrass

Lieuella W. wife of J. R. Snodgrass Died May 6, 1872 Aged 18 Y.

Grave Marker for Lieuella Snodgrass

Irma J. Shaner

Irma J. Shaner 1926-1934

Grave Marker for Irma Shaner

Roy Shaner

Roy E. Shaner 1906-1934

Grave Marker for Roy Shaner

John Smeltzer

John Smeltzer 1826-1897

Grave Marker for John Smeltzer

John H. Welch

John H. Welch Died March 6, 1888 Aged 73 Y. 6 M. 23 D.

Grave Marker for John Welch

Mary Welch

Mary E. or L. Welch Died Jan. 16, 1895 Aged 74 y. 11 M. 3 D.

Grave Marker for Mary Welch

Nelson and Mrs. Welch

Nelson Q. Welch 1854-1940

Mother Unknown 1861-1946

Grave Marker for Nelson and Mrs. Welch

Nancy Wheeling

Nancy Wife of J. B. Wheeling Born May 18, 1813 Died Jan. 13, 1897

Grave Marker for Nancy Wheeling

Catharine Watson

In Loving Memory of Catharine Watson Born May 6, 1854 Died Nov. 15, 1895

Grave Marker for Catharine Watson

Elisha Watson

Elisha Watson Born Dec. 6, 1824 Died May 2, 1897?

Grave Marker for Elisha Watson

Lenord H. Watson

Lenord H. Watson Nov. 11, 1852-March 5, 1905

Grave Marker for Lenord Watson

Jason H. Watson

Jason H. Watson son of L.B. and P.W. Watson died May 27, 1864 aged 12 ds.

Grave Marker for Jason Watson

Maud Watson

Little Maud or Little Madd Watson 1877-1881 dau of Joseph and Nellie

Grave Marker for Maud Watson

Marilla Watson

Marilla Watson 1794-1895

Grave Marker for Marilla Watson

Matilda Robbins Watson

Matilda Robbins Wife of Elisha Watson Died Aug. 28 1890 Aged 66 Yrs 3 Ms 26 Ds

Grave Marker for Matilda Watson

Fay and Nettie Woods

Woods Fay Died Dec 18, 1880 Aged 2 Yrs M 1 D

Nettie Died July 19, 1881 Aged 14 Yrs 7 M 20 Ds

Grave Marker for Fay and Nettie Woods

Susan Woods

Susan wife of Henry T. Woods died Aug.1 5, 1856 age 19 Y 11 M. 16 D.

Grave Marker for Susan Woods

Benjamin Wright

Benjamin Wright Died Feb 1st 18? The stone is broken here. It could be 11 or 77 or 79. My guess would be 1877. Aged 61 Years.

Grave Marker for Benjamin Wright

Benjamin Wright

This stone shows the side of Benjamin Wrights stone that has the years on it

Grave Marker for Benjamin Wright


I am unable to read this inscription on the picture. I have enlarged, changed the lighting ten times and strained my eyes.

Grave Marker for Unknown


I am unable to read this inscription on the picture. It looks as though it might say Anna? I will need to go down and see if I can get an impression.

Grave Marker for Unknown


I am unable to read this inscription on the picture. It looks as though it might say Anna? I will need to go down and see if I can get an impression.

Grave Marker for Unknown